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SoftSound Ltd. -- Shorten for Windows

Find more information at

Shorten for Windows provides both lossless and lossy compression
(reduction in data size) and decompression of waveform audio data,
for example .WAV and .au files.

Lossless compression allows the original data to be reconstituted
exactly when it is decompressed. For waveform audio data,
Shorten for Windows gives better compression ratios than can
normally be achieved by general purpose compression and archiving
utilities, and compresses faster.

Lossy compression provides greater compression, but with an
adjustable loss of audio quality.

Shorten for Windows version 2.3b supports compression of Microsoft
Wave format files (PCM, ALaw and mu-Law variants) as well as many
raw binary formats.

This full-featured product provides encoding and decoding of audio
files, with lossless or lossy compression, together with:
- Advanced mode options
- Real-time playback of encoded sound
- Batch encoding and decoding
- Creation of self-extracting encoded files for easy distribution
of compressed material
- MS-DOS Command line encoder/decoder

Shorten for Windows is part of the Shorten suite of programs for
UNIX, MS-DOS and Windows developed by Tony Robinson and SoftSound Ltd.