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Now you are wondering just what I do mean by that.

Well please understand if you mixed up a image of oh, Shannon Tweed and
Julie Andrews. Well, really what would you get? Shannon Tweed the actress
and mother to Gene Simmons children. Shannon Tweed, the "seductress" in
many R rated movies as well as very well acted characters and the mother of
Gene Simmons children who were probably raised by a very "Von Trapp" gone
awry Gene Simmons like semi-dictator, (who really knows). The Julie Andrews
character, the "fun loving" nanny meets Shannon Tweed who well, raised a few
children of whom I do believe understand the roots of music quite well. Now
just imagine, Gene Simmons, the sleep with guy of the last 20 years with
thousands of woman who perhaps, really didn't do any more than, ahem, sleep.
Not that I am the only person to say, "hey, everybody has a twin" and maybe,
just maybe that wasn't really Gene Simmons in some movie where three
brunettes stood over another who was laying on a bed as a "Gene Simmons"
type was parting some legs and the woman didn't really look "happy". I
mean, I don't really know but then again, that is acting. Then again, can
anyone explain to me how as I was just figuring out how to take a cam
picture steady enough of my Yin-Yang ring last night that thy neighbor
managed to give the exact same hand expressions I did last night? Really, I
mean, if I just wait long enough to see the logs, I might know if there were
more than, a few people last night. And, gee, that is just web cams.

The sound of R music, really, can anyone remember from anywhere at anytime
ever being at the now soon to be demolished "Mill Hill Club' (as of the last
time I heard of news, it is to be a pharmacy) of West Yarmouth, MA. U. S.
A.? Well, okay, that oughta stem a flow of near break neck foot traffic,
especially at night and cetainly means a little more "quiet" for the
neighborhood around there. So anyone ever own a really expensive car oh,
like a Lamborgini or oh, I don't know, how about a fully restored classic
Ford Mustang? How about a used fully loaded Hummer? Well, a particular
building within a fairly short yet long walk east of the Mill Hill Club is
now oh, vacant of Premier Motors. The same dealership who's owner was a
"secret' sherrif for Barnstable County of whom also according to main stream
news, stole quite the large amount of money of many awaiting auto dealers.
Now as I understand it, the long time Cape Cod based business, Davenport
Realty has a huge rental price on the building. Now really, if that isn't
like a large scale priced ISP or Domain Registrar or Webhost to me and you
who, well you know, sometimes big money doesn't get much room to do much.
It may even seem that there is no overall payback to the community of
origination, (think broadscale).

Bruce Springsteen just has had what is known as his annual Christmas show at
a place called Harry's over in New Jersey. A "Mom & Pop" place meets a
small capacity music club. Now, please, think broadscale up here where foot
traffic, plenty of harbors, hotels and motels and of course beaches are
located. So, Davenport Realty had told me a interested party was going to
take control of the building and that was over a month ago. Nothing new on
the outside as of today. Why should there even be a restaraunt in there if
there ever was to be one? Oh, for the record, the best places that get the
most business are those who keep Budweiser beer at a low $2.25 per 16 ounce
bottle (for example) and also, please keep in mind, that is 46664, the
AIDS/HIV South Africa concert that was all but effectivly not broadcast by
T. V. , thanks to Comcast and those who decided to keep it out of the at
least, South Eastern Massachusetts area. Over here there is
and as well as "The Rocket"

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Sorry, what's this gotta do with Queen?


"My guitar was my weapon and my shield to hide behind" (Brian May)