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Chinese and Russian Naval Forces unite for naval exercises for the first time in history.

I got to admit here (by uncoerced choice) I thought "that's it we are dead, we are toast, we are going to be taken over." Then I thought "hmmm, hello Korea". Problem solved? You say goodbye and I say hello. - The Beatles. I know, twisted right? I don't believe for a second the North Korean Military Forces will stand a chance. Well, that aren't just any tomahawks with stones on them either. What am I getting at? They do have missile technology, they are the same forces that launched a test rocket over Japan. Is it any coincidence that here on Cape Cod, Kruschev met with Kennedy in the 1960's and now I've got two homes within walking distance (they, the homes do not belong to me) that include none other than Russian and Chinese men? I've met the Russians, another neighbor told me the others are Chinese (whether they really are or not). And if there are two other men who are reading this as I type this, well, I am clarifying they are not in the same building I am, nor do have any detection of spyware either. Then again, private networking is an option. Easily set up and not done so to date. Cherriest statement?

Hey neighbors, the next time you have in your view you know who, don't let you know what occur again, thank you.

This is shaping up to be a first of a kind New Years for me and the face to face invites have yet to begin. Please, the last time I had Sake' (Japanese drink) it was from mistaking the drink as Sake'. Instant drunk I was. Should you have true Russian Vodka, please keep in mind the ability for me to keep my harmonica clear of disease due to you.

I've always been a person to wonder if a event is written of taking place for example, California, does that really mean up the street from where I am in Massachusetts? Literally what is written to take place in California is to really actually be held in Massachusetts. Now, take that into categories and categories, etc. Confusing? YES!. Obvious YES AND YES. Why caps? Because I am that reluctant, no just like I've said before, "ooh ooh ooh looking out my back door" (Creedance Clearwater Revival) to anyone else but never literally doing that myself. Solutions.

The snow is deep here, 18 inches in Brewster. Hey, maybe Mr. Snow Man of the Arctic read my words about the Brewster Forestry Camp that should have been spared the budget axe (if it wasn't) for the law enforcement takes those ahem "troubled" heh, kids and wake them up by cutting holes in the ice and making sure each individual takes a almost after sun up dip in the water. Yea, punk music (THANK YOU):-)

Many a time I've been told to stay within one central area to be working within the same projects time after time. Thus, that explains why I did not listen to Punk music, someone else got ahold of the title Genius in that genre as did I in mine. Oh wow, what a team we have going here (if it happens.)

Bad Company is now broadcast worldwide, "Deal With The Preacher" is on, live from their last live CD.

Now what else,

Scientists are working on a synthesized marijuana (that's all I know).

Southeast Asia is not a terrible tragedy, it is an utter horrid disaster.

AIDS/HIV Networks in Myanmar of Asia needs dire assistance. All I could say to them in utter truth is. Sadly, it seems the only traffic that has gone through my domain is vastly US based, European Union and but almost one from any other country and parts of South America don't even know I exist. I've been around since 1998. Yahoogroups and newsgroup feed that should go through Google worldwide. If it did, I know someone from Paraguay would've been a visitor at my site, the stats would've reported that.

"The Ties That Bind" - Bruce Springteen "The River" Taken in meaning of title alone *but that song sure does speak volumes about rela