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queenlives of

I just received an email with CAPS for headlines, near the bottom


Over in

Dabylz states that I ought move to the UK so I could be pillaged.

Dabylz thinks everyone around me here on Cape Cod is sick of me.

So, something happen over there in the UK?

The above news no US tour,

if it is due to the horrid tragedy in the South East Asia area, I understand.

"Wherever You WIll Go" by The RCA Calling
..."run away with my heart".

Now I know this is a "hot" topic.

Since (from my perspective) John Deacon will not be in the band.

How about

Sir Paul McCartney

Fox News is good:-)



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it is a very good song

one week after 9/11

some of the lyrics written ahead of time
some of the guitar parts played ahead of time

(ahead of time meaning, in advance of the actual stage time)

i only knew they existed

come stage time, approx. 30 seconds before the song started
is when i read the lyrics.
it was total improv from there on out.
with a huge push of spirit out from within hyannis
of course, most of that was over in new york city, pennsylvania and

outside behind me there was a ruckus

somebody was moving around very fast
clouds of dust, mostly white i remember
and there was not enough sand on the street to make that.


do you remember the world wide effort for the beatles to reunite? never
happened did it. nope, no concerts, no new albums with all four members.
(and i am not including "real love" and "free as a bird" here)

believe me it will never ever happen between me and the co-collaborator of

one too many nights with the same crazy sanity
one too many nights with the same direction
one too many dreams smoked from the bowl
one too many little children to fill in holes

one too many kids dressed up like adults
one too many videos dealt out
tracing that one lord is a tough thing to do
but then again, breaking freedom is easy to me and you
to be or not to be true

one too many cars and one license plate
one too many lies to a wife who wanted to create
one too many moves to keep the undergrond aflow
wide open before anyones eyes
like the green in cheese apparent too

one too many scrambles from a cast of my tv
one too many lies heard between the sheets
one too many truths before my eyes
and opposite in literal words in my ears

one too many times been said insane
when nobody could really gain
too much small progress when yin and yang were seperated
one too many times the judge let it all go
one too many times the music did flow
with the dreams and hopes of the living credentials
to make it in adult land and buy a home
when it was kids all along who rowed the boat

one too many secret stash of every weapon of destruction
one too many secret plans for sudden interruption
one too many jims beaming down a throat
stubborn worse, yes than a donkey and a goat

one too many times the written gun did push away
the meaning of communication and the beginning of disarray
confusion from disallusion of a life gone by
idiot adults we can be
with our own aged lives

goodbye to freedom
for those who shall not relent
for i meant it fully
when all pacts were cut off
like the river of blood in need
so it is i had cut my creed
goodbye to you
author of a thousand dreams
your counterpart has been a disaster
not even close to the good of mchale
not even close to the world of reality
that does mean all kids are free
free from the bonds you make them into for me
the bonds of ideas, free flow of soul
free flow of identity
just so your insanity can grow

pushed away the dreams of your chance
all for your literal evil dance
no mercy here
no cause to reunite

it's no wonder there is no freedom for me here tonight
but we work in ways some might not now
that isn't any ordinary house that blew up and did not glow
goodbye to you may you meet a real god
one that has mercy, the mercy you had not


free, free to be
dom short for domination
you twisted that as you should
but someone out there is better than you
and in the true name of good
and i do believe it is time for me to say
call it a death warrant
it is reality anyway
at least until your mate
is locked in his fate
behind cynder walls
and a multi iron gate
for more than a lifetime
make your fate


signed sealed and delivered

william k.mahler

BTW, the lyrics to Freedom, are n

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ehmm .. I don't understand a fuck of your message .. but I dó understand that you're angry that they won't come to the USA? well ..that's 2bad ..

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and ya know what?

if it is due to anything i've ever said about those who do injustice here in the united states and specialy on cape cod.
you are not worthy of the word chicken shit.
worthy of worse.

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Come on Billy-Boy - you can do better than that. This mail's not half as crazy as you used to be - perhaps you're becoming more lucid in your old age.

You're not becoming any less a wanker - which is mildly surprising considering how completely deranged you are......

There won't be a US tour simply because there are too many crazed obsessives that pose a threat to the band's security; not only that, but the greatest threat to the WORLD comes from the USA, so I don't see why people ae so surprised.......

You don't mention yur wife as much as you used to either Billy - what happened?