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I don't really get the impression that Queen is presenting itself as a new version for 2005. I believe (just my opinion here people) it's a matter of members of Queen finding someone who has a voice that is in the same league as Freddie. In rock you have shouters and screechers, and then you have those who maybe aren't the best technical singers in the world (the singer from AC/DC or Mick Jagger come to mind) but are perfect for their respective bands. And then you have a much smaller group of singers that are truly gifted, technical singers who have range, soul, power and a wonderful use of phrasing. Rodgers (and Freddie of course!) is that kind of singer. What sets Rodgers apart from so many other singers is that he can sing anything...rock, blues, ballads (something that the screamers and screechers seldom tackle... and for good reason!) or with an orchestra. In addition to that he has a very unique sound.
For the most part I believe that the current state of music is very stale. You have so many groups being groomed to crank out one or two hits and then the record companies move on to the next flavor of the month. Marketing has replaced musicianship. This is why I was glad to see Velvet Revolver have some success and put rock and roll back in the limelight again.
So if members of Queen have chosen to work with Paul Rodgers then so be it. I believe they've earned that right to keep making music with whomever they choose. If you look at all the different musicians Paul Rodgers has played with then you have to assume that he is well respected or these people wouldn't waste their time and energy. I think this is a perfect case in point of talented musicians wanting to see what they can do together. I say good luck to them and if it doesn't mesh then so be it. Happy New Year everyone.

Jack M