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lasik surgery anyone?

i had it, summer 2000

it was said, that if the eye seems to go blind temporarily, smokes and or smells like burning hair.

it isn't permanent that you'd be blind 100 percent of the time.

i did go blind for seconds

after the dual eye surgery, one after the other

it was my left eye, that did smoke, burn and go blind during the process

and was the better of the two eyes

but now


a child who saw me at cumberland farms today

looked me in the face

and said to her mom

"that must be the camera they put in his eyes"

at the time,

my left eye was twitching
as if it were a camera shutter.

for almost a week now.

not 24/7 but it is even as i type

now i don't know if there are pictures going anywhere, and if they are, i don't know where at all.

i do know that there is nuclear science out there that was based on fiction, the 6 million dollar man, with a bionic eye.

it is m2 technologies inc. that has been researched on the internet by many that lead to the idea that such photographic technology may exist.

i do know

i was and still am totally serious

that the effects of anti psychotics do cause eye twitching

and i do not have prescriptions for those that are given to me to go have filled.

nor does cape cod hospital and bayview associates have the legal right to dispense without my consent.

i am not a patient currently of either of them.

so as this stomach of mine has an ache.

and i am continually harrassed to take medicines of the mind

i am only left to theorize that

someone has put them in me.

i don't care if it was a federal law

i don't care if it were a law of love

i am hereby telling you of my intent.

to bring to justice, the persons responsible

at all costs.

i do not enjoy being partially whole.

i do not condone it either.

i do not believe for a second that i am doing any good, as good as i could.

view the movie "a beautiful mind", an oscar winner.

the math genius in that movie was forcefully drugged and he could not function as a husband at any level with medicines.
he could not work his mathmatical expertise as well and could not hold a job either.

he got off the medicine permanently. he did much better afterwards.

those medicines then, albiet updated and there are new ones.

do indeed cause the same effects wholly.

i do fully intend to come to the root cause of a few persons decisions to enact what they may have. justice, my brand of justice will be served.

now please, get me off cape cod permanently and out of this country permanently.