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it also means

like my audio 13 days prior was to america
merry christmas to you was to south east asia.

and no, i did not have any harmful intent to the core of my soul.

in baseball, the terms strike one, strike two then strike three means you're

there are some seriously sick people in america who dictate that women be
forced into sexual confrontations with not one man but hundreds, even
thousands in a 72 hour period.

it happens. all races all cultures in america, in unison and around the
world too.

the audio of august 29, 2001 was in part knowing the pain of all that.

and it all happened between then and december 24, 2004.

shahram, i am telling you and everyone else, this earth with you on it and
everyone else, does not need a worldwide holocaust at all.

it is totaly catastrophic from the inception that psychiatry allows this
inside mental health clinics. totaly equally catastrophic that it occurs
inside hotels, casinos, backyards, prisons, everywhere.
and them women do it for the money cause deep inside, the do not know how to
say no, even to themselves and those who welcome the production of.


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> Women get stoned for being raped?
> It is news to me.
>> i do sir

-------------------------------------------------------1st message here
>> and i understand why you left iran
>> women stoned to death for beng raped.
>> yet in america, women are forced into being raped of soul in the
> name of god
>> and country and if they don't. the world for all comes to an end
> and they
>> to come to an end.
>> but it still does not make right the idea of stoning a woman for
> being
>> raped.
>> and you are right shahram, you've got news sources i've never heard
> of
>> but in my soul i know i have.
>> time to tap it out.
>> be what you are, not what you wished you were.
>> i am who i am, i'm not popeye the sailor man.
>> william