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This is the FUNNIEST and most EXASPERATING discussion board I have yet to come across.

Being a fan is cool, being an acolyte is misguided.

Funniest, there are some posters defending Queen and their music with such zealotous fervour, akin to some sort of religious mantra.

It is exasperating because there are some posters defending Queen and their music with such zealotous fervour, akin to some sort of religious mantra.

DISSENT!! Will not be tolerated, seems to be the gospel of many here.

Now please don't think I am here as a Queen basher. I love Queen. The first album I bought with my own money when I was 8yrs old was "Sheer Heart Attack" when it first was released, a fantastic album. In between I bought the albums. the t-shirts, badges, posters, the concert tickets. I continue as a Queen fan to the present. I continued as a Queen acolyte until 1983.

1983. ah a great year, Radio Gaga, The Works, Roger in a dress in a video, The Smiths "Hand In Glove", a fantastic year.

The Smiths!!! Hand in Glove!! What??? I heard that song by accident and loved it. Never heard anything like that before. Where was the guitar solo? Where was the vocal harmonies? No there wasn't any, but a great guitar hook and such a strange voice.

I missed out on punk, I missed out on all other types of music. My devotion as an acolyte to Queen had blinkered me to all other forms of music. A whole 10 years of good music had passed me by. Good thing was a whole 10 years of BAD music had also passed me by to.

Which is why I find this forum the most FUNNIEST and most EXASPERATING forum I have yet come across. I can see myself in those 10 acolyte years in some of the posters here. I see all the discussion about the integrity of Queen music beyond all else.

Ny greatest moment musically was that time in 1983 when I heard The Smiths, it freed my mind. It taught me that there was life beyond these four indivduals we call Queen, and I have become a more rounded musical individual since. However, from some of the posts here, minds will not go free.

I haven't read all the posts, from what I have gathered is that the reaction in this community to Tony Parson's column in the Daily Mirror has been as a majority been extremely negative.

Mr Parsons does have a point. Once I freed my mind in 1983 and the years beyond, I could then rationalise my favourite band, Queen in case you had forgotten, place in musical and sociological history.

BO RAP wins everything it seems, but then that is an individual song without peers. However Queen are not an important band, a good and great band but not socially important nor socially significant. As entertainment they are right up there, great songs, great melodies.

Therefore I don't see why Mr Parsons should have all this hostility thrust upon him, as Freddie Mercury and Brian May said years previously that Queen are all about entertainment "We are a Rock N Roll Band." Queen never set out to be haroboners of a new revolution nor did they want to change the world, they did what they did. "The Clash" "New York Dolls" "The Sex Pistols " quid pro quo, they did what they did.

Enjoy the music, love it, hold it, cherish it, respect it, however the word of Queen is not the only one true word