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Hi Folks.. I know its been a running gag for me saying "That's It.. I am gone..." an shit like that.. well.. there are a couple of reasons.. the first being very obvious, I'm NUTS.. I am crazy.. insane.. an attention seeker.. you name it that is me..
the second isn't that obvious.. and it is lately I post these because I am about to see my Probation Officer and there is always the chance that she will send me back.. I haven't found a job, I am VERY limited as far as the kinds of work I can do, so it scares me every month.. so part of the reason I post it is in case I am sent to jail and then to prison for violation of Probation, at least I said my Good-Byes.. But hey, lets face it, I mainly do it just because it annoys some of you stiff assed tarts.. loosen up.. relax.. Undo that TOP button.. I do it in the name of FUN.. sure some of my OTHER posts.. well.. Hey. those ARE just pokes at other things.. and really. if you think that for one moment I really get my feelings hurt because someone calls me name or things. .HA.. you have another thing coming.. I am like your Cousin Frank.. I was invited By YV to join way back in 2001, and I will NEVER leave, Oh... I may threaten, I may say in the grandest of posts that I shall NEVER return.. but the truth is.. YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER.. (did that cancel the NEVER out?) LEAVE YOU.. So in closing I would like to say... Does anyone have change for a 50?

BTW, Check out my latest attempt at pissing ppl off, I will give you a clue. its in my profile..
THANKS BARRY_UK for the idea... even though you didn't know it.

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Hahaha! Cool profile picture, Mike.

"The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keep out the joy."

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