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Geez, I just realized something today. At the risk of exposing myself as the dumbest person on the planet, I thought I would tell you about my discovery in case someone else in Queenzone land doesn't understand it either. When attempting to do a search within a talk forum topic, I would choose SEARCH and a new menu would come up with two choices:

Search words

So, I would put in a few words in the Search words blank, but in the Username blank I would put in my OWN Username (Queeniac), each time thinking, "Why would they have to know MY username?" Of course, nothing would ever come up which made me think that Queenzone's search function within a topic was the most useless thing I had ever seen. Today I figured out that I could fill in either one of the blanks or both, but in the Username blank, don't put my own stupid name in it. I thought MY user name was required. Well, it all came about when I was seeing ANATO a lot within a forum topic. And I thought, what is ANATO?, so I put that in the search words topic, and I had remembered that The Fairy King had done an abbreviations/shortenings entry, so I typed The Fairy King in the Username blank (instead of my own), which gave me the abbreviations/shortenings choice, and the explanation of ANATO! Now, I have a quick way of always finding the shortenings!!! Maybe that is why newbies ask so many "dumb" questions - they don't understand the SEARCH page's two blanks. Also, since the number of pages where the individual topics listed seemed to have no further choices beyond ten pages, I assumed anything further out from that was simply dropped from the system memory. I have written to "contact us" to request some directions on the SEARCH page for those of us who are dumber than dirt. Pardon me while I go and sit in the corner with my dunce hat on.

Yes, it was a worthwhile experience.