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The following paper should take 20 mins to complete - 3 hours if you're a
colts/steelers fan
and 9 days if you come from Oakland. The questions should test your
and cover a broad cross-section of NFL topics.
NB - there are NO trick questions

1. - Peyton Manning and the Windy Dolts were the best team in the NFL
a) - all the media said so
b) - the Patriots played unfairly by using tactics, and trying to win
c) - they are great - even tho they've won fuck all - they are the best -
d) - because "greatness" is truly only measured by how many TDs your QB can
throw in one season

2. - the chokeland gayders have become a laughing stock - almost as bad as
the miami phish, but still
back on the bone thinks his team are better. please explain

3. - Tom Brady and the Patriots have eliminated THREE NFL MVPs in two years,
yet still they don't get the
recognition they deserve why is this?
a) - the populist media are all -LA/New York arse-licking sychophants
b) - It was Pittsbugger's turn this year you unfeeling bastards
c) - because the only great teams ever were the 80s 49ers and the 90s Rams
d) - because no achievments can be counted while Miami is undergoing

4. - winning 21 games straight doesn't count for fuck all, because
a) - decrepid, senile old Dolphins say so
b) - four of those wins shouldn't count -as they included the jets and the
c) - there's only 16 games in a season least there is if your
team never makes the playoffs
d) - Raiders fans don't recognise 21 - as this number equals three TDS

5. - Some lame-ass Colts fans feel that there are not enough rule-changes
to neutralize a better Patriots team.
If you were in charge which new rule would you implement to have the
most impact?
a) - patriots are forced to play ALL their games in July
b) - Patriots will start ALL matches 17-0 down
c) - Opposing coaches automatically have all RED FLAG challenges accepted as
d) - Make the Patriots scoring endzone only 1 yard wide

6. - Despite have a two-season record of 33-4, a master tactician as
Headcoach, a two-SB MVP QB with poise that
belies his age and the best salary-cap-era record of any NFL team.
Yet the patriots are considered to have no
talent in their squad, discuss

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