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I was wondering if anyone can help me on this one or knows how this works?

Not that I'm trying to boast here but I've been a trained singer for about 20 years and its GOT ME BEAT how the hell this game works out the scores. Yes yes, I've read the accompanying books from cover to cover but I think if the artists THEMSELVES tried this game they wouldn't get perfect scores.

The thing that bugs me is that I know my pitch, timing, phrasing etc is pretty much spot on - ie I get the the bars filled in and the golden notes. But when my 9 year old step daughter sings some of the same songs and she's off key she manages to get higher scores than I do! What's the deal here???? Again, don't get me wrong, its only a game at the end of the day and I couldn't really give a rats ass if I win or lose BUT I guess I'm curious how this game works. Does anyone know??

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