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Queen were:

1.First band to have their entire back catalogue released at one time
on CD.
2.First band to play three consecutive nights in a stadium in the
city - Buenos Aires.
3.First band to be signed by an independent record company who took
full responsibility of the band - Trident.
4.Queen pioneered coming onstage to a backing tape.
5.First band to sell out the Glasgow Apollo.
6.Their light shows were revolutionary: dismissed as excessive at the
time, but are now copied worldwide.
7.At the time, A Night At The Opera was the most expensive album ever
8.Bohemian Rhapsody featured the first ever promotional video. (Ok it
could be arguable at least that took art of video at another level)
9.First band to have all four of their albums in the UK top 20 at
10.A Day At The Races had the highest ever advance sales for an
11.First band to sell out Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam in one hour.
12.First band to have video screens at their concert. (Giant screens)
13.Bohemian Rhapsody voted joint best single in the UK for 1952-77.
14.We Will Rock You was Number 1 in France for 12 weeks - the longest
period allowed in that country. The following week it was replaced by
We Are The Champions, from the second side of the single.
15.First band to sell out 3 consecutive nights at Forest Nationale,
Brussels. It was such an amazing feat that the promoters
them via press adverts.
16.Highest attendance for an indoor concert in the UK. (NEC
Birmingham, 14,000)
17.Another One Bites The Dust was Elektra's first 3,000,000+ single.
18.First band to play at Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.
19.First band to release a 12" single anywhere (Crazy Little Thing
Called Love)
20.Gained entry in Guiness Book of Records for highest paid
(L700,000 each in 1980).
21. First band to undertake a stadium tour of South America.
22.Their concert in Sao Paulo attracted the biggest paying audience
ever (251,000) to see one band.
23.First band to fill every place in Argentina's Top Ten album chart.
24.Only band to have one single in the Argentinean chart for one year
(Love Of My Life).
25.First rock band to be commissioned to write a soundtrack for a
major film. (Flash Gordon)
26.First band to release the first proper collection of promotional
videos commercially (Greatest Flix).
27.First band to have a number one video in the UK (Greatest Flix).
28.First band to be number one simultaneously in the UK's single,
album and video charts.
29.Tickets for 12 nights at Sun City Superbowl, S Africa sold out in
one day - the fastest ever.
30.Unanimously voted best band at Live Aid by media, journalists,
critics, fans and Bob Geldof.
31.Main Road stadium, Manchester (40,000) sold out in 24 hours - the
fastest ever.
32.First band to play a large stadium date in the Eastern Bloc
33.First band to release a video single.
34.Their concert at Milton Keynes was the first programme to be
broadcast simultaneously on TV and all independent radio stations in
the UK.
35.First band to have five videos in the UK top ten video chart.
36.Highest total attendance for four consecutive nights in the UK
(over 400,000).
37.Live In Budapest was the first full length feature film to be
premiered in the Eastern block.
38. Highest rate of sales of a single in Spain (Barcelona sold over
10,000 copies in under 3 hours).
39.Freddie was the first (and only) rock musician to compose, record
and perform classical opera.
40.The Magic Years video trilogy was the best longform video of any
kind worldwide in 1988.
41.Innuendo had the longest ever music promotional video (six and a
half minutes of music)
42.These Are The Days Of Our Lives was the first music video to be
animated by Disney.
43.Bohemian Rhapsody was pressed and released within one week. This
had not been done before, and has never been don

We love you Freddie, R.I.P
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great post supernova!! welldone:)

oo la la
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yes, nice post

You should have credited the person and the site that you copied this from.

Looks much like what Nan sent for the Walk of Fame nomination.


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