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I would like to ask you about tickets for this show... I bought tickets on and yesterday I did receive them. But... Tickets not seems like this one:
My tickets seems like... lotto prints!
Does anybody know- are these tickets good, or not? Maybe they're false..?

waitin' for response

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I have tickets like the one shown on the queenconcerts page.

Prior to the scan of this version of the ticket there was a scan of the lotto type ticket on the queenconcerts page.

I think it depends on where/who you bought the ticket from. I had a similar question when I received mine and saw the lotto version on the same web page. I don't have the lotto version only the green version.

The difference has come about due to the way the tickets were sold via machines in Czech Rep. I seem to remmeber Mr. Scully saying that he had both versions.

I think you should be okay if you bring along the lotto version to the venue, but it might be worth contacting the company you bought the ticket from to confirm you don't need the green version as well.

I don't think it is an issue of it being fake,just how the various sellers handle production/sale of tickets.

Maybe Mr. Scully can give more info/details as he is from the Czech Rep and runs the queenconcerts page.