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From Queen Rock Show Special on Capital Gold.
David Jensen: So Brian, you're performing with Paul Rodgers and I heard a story that it all happened back in September at Wembley when you were appearing at the Miller Stratpack, and you came on stage and it was a bit of magic?
Brian May: Even though I've known Paul Rodgers for years...we go on stage and we play All Right Now , and something happened, there was a big ...something...big explosion in the brain, and we both looked at each other and went, "Hmm, something's happening here", and ah, I remember Paul's lady said, "That's amazing, you know you guys just need a drummer". And I thought, "Hmm...I might know a drummer", you know?(Chucles) And I called up Roger, and that's what lead us to us doing the um...what was that show we did...lifetime awards...Hall of Fame, thing you know we did? Me and Roger AND Paul did All Right Now, and we didi Rock you and Champions.And that really clinched it, we just thought, "My God, this seems so natural".I have to tell you that even a year ago, I wouldn't even in my WILDEST dreams have thought we would, we would go out on tour.I never ever thoughtwe would do it.I remember saying to people, "No I don't think so, you know, unless a miracle happens, we won't.There's no one can sing it." And then...A miracle happened.
(Later on talking about Bray rehearsing)......It was sensational.I mean, it...I have to say, even if the gigs don't happen, I've had a great time doin' this.It's AMAZING to actually be in a room and know that you have a complete band again.It's something incredibly magical for us.I, I, you know,since losing Freddie, you know, you're losing a friend, a family member really, but also you're losing your capacity to sort of be a working unit.But basically NOW , we're in a room and we have this guy who can sing COLLOSALLY well.You actually have everybody there, and I'm talking too fast, I know, but I'm excited.
(Both laugh)
David Jensen:You must have thought, "What will the fans think?"
Brian:The first thing I thought was what is it going to do to my life, because I actually like my life now, you know.I have a life at home, and you know, I have a relationship, I have kids, I have a nice place to know it...and I remember what touring does to you, you know?That's the hard thing to take on , you know, what is it going to do to me.As far as the fans...No, I didn't have a second thought really.To be honest with you.Because all the people that I comminicate with, understand us very well, and they know how much we love Freddie and we know what part Freddie is of our lives, STILL.And they all know the struggle that we've been through.They also know that I've said "No" to every kind of touring offer because I just never thought that it was right.I actually talk to Freddie's mum as well, quite a lot.And Freddie's mum feels good about this, so that's kind of good enough for me.(Laughs)You know she said, you know "I know you guys are gonna make us all proud" and...That's the way it's gonna be.

...Freddie has its own and very unique place in our heart and soul.His art will always prevail , yet I am so glad Brian and Roger are still on this beautiful blue eart sharing their music, their energy and enthusiasm with us, and I am glad there's a kind of magic with Paul Rodgers.Good luck for tose of you who will be able to attend their shows ,and have a great time!!!
Best wishes from Mexico,

"If we are alive, we're gonna play.We're musicians.That's what we do". Brian May