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yeah , so , gig . uh , gig will monitor all financial transactions on earth . gig will start with the large financial transactions , such as foriegn aid , government spending , private sector , etc . as gig evolves , it will get more detailed . this is media speculation . however , in countries without a free media , then this can improve on government info . any way , as gig gains influence , gig will use its influence to push the gig agenda . the gig agenda is freedom of information on the internet and womens rights . governments that do not support freedom of information on the internet or womens rights are illegitimate governments . illegitimate governments will be replaced quickly and peacefully . supporting freedom of information on the internet means being forthcoming on all government spending and allowing the media to look into that information . womens rights means supporting ( legally , financially , socially , etc. ) a womans right to decide for her self if she wants to be pregnant or if she wants to stay pregnant .

gig wants to save the environment . gig feels that the only way to save the environment is to create a permanent decline in the human population . once we get to one or two billion , then we can kick it there . gig wants to save the environment because if the environment dies , humans die as well . so my species is on a suicide course and I dont think that that is very cool at all . I use to think that this stuff was common sense , limited resources cannot support unlimited growth . I think that I am done over estimating the intelligence of other people .

in capitalism , competition benifits the consumer . so , there will probably be lots of gigs . the best gig , the most accurate gig , will be chosen by WIMON . world internet monitoring organization nation . this gig , as written and agreed to by all nations of the gig alliance ( Im making this up as I go along , obviously ) will become the official gig , " law " .

so , thats my deal and I'm stickin to it


peace out - c w b

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