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Like with a vast majority of concerts, there is the main set, encore(s),
break encore(s)
Ozzy went farewell, he's back
Kiss did it.
So if there is a farewell tour by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band,
it's probably the main set!

......The following below is by "Ken" of

Those who know me know my source of info. Very reliable in the past.

First official tour dates to be announced this coming Tuesday. Tour to open
in USA..midwest.

Confirmed cities are as follows:

St. Louis

Tour to start last week in April to coincide with the release of the album.

All venues to be less than 5000 seats.

Europe leg of tour to start end part of May and to continue for about 4

At this point in time, there is NO confirmation of any full blown tour later
in the summer. There have been discussions about a full E Street Band leg
but nothing is confirmed.
Indications are that if there is a full band leg of the tour, it will be a
Farewell tour. While this is unconfirmed and only rumor, there has been
talk about retiring the full band. Apparently, the thought process goes
that it has been well over 30 years and it is time to move on. Also, C.C.
health has been at issue and Bruce would not replace him.

What does seem clear is that this tour may very well be very short in
duration relative to past tours. It most likely will continue after Europe
but the extent of which is still unclear.
Also, from what I hear, and my gut feelings are that there will be E Street
involvement later in the year or into 2006 and that this will in fact be the
last time Bruce and E Street have any kind of major tour together.

Again, this is what I have heard. Not official, and a bit of conjecture on
my part.



-------------------U2 Tour News by me, WKMahler.........................

I've got both nights of San Diego, the tour opener and the 2nd show and the recordings are incredible. Here is the setlist from Anaheim, California, USA, show number 3, also being downloaded by me at the present time. I won't know much about sound quality although the taper recorded from approx. 12-15 feet from the band or edge of the "bomb shelter", the ring around the band. The setlist is mixed up, here it is.

Disc One:

01. intro 04:20.75
02. Love And Peace 05:34.37
03. Sunday Bloody Sunday-> 05:00.65
04. Bullet The Blue Sky-> 03:34.24
05. Hands That Built America 01:22.24
06. Running To Stand Still 04:54.33
07. Human Rights Thingy 00:53.43
08. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 04:10.67
09. New Year's Day 05:09.80
10. Miracle Drug 04:42.84
11. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 05:15.79
12. Beautiful Day 04:22.85
13. Pride In the Name of Love-> 04:35.65
14. Where the Streets Have No Name 05:48.03

Disc Two:

01. One / Everyone 10:21.39
02. Zoo Station 04:36.20
03. The Fly 05:32.24
04. Elevation 04:40.95
05. Mysterious Ways 06:37.27
06. City of Blinding Lights 06:34.95
07. Vertigo 05:10.87
08. All Because of You 04:11.05
09. Yahweh 03:31.53
10. '40' 07:00.19

40 was dedicated to Pope John Paul II.

IF anyone wants copies of the shows, email me off this board, you'll have to send discs and paid return mailers with paid postage. U2 is quite fine with trading shows, no sales allowed...

Also, read
"The Legality Of Torrents", authored April 1, 2005, W. K. Mahler.

...I've got a huge puddle outside the window!

William K. Mahler