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I have a concerned interest in learning why much of the press past and present has been UNJUSTLY cruel to Queen, saying intentionally mean remarks and insults that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Queen's music, artistic merit, or their work as music artists. I currently am reading the Q/Mojo Queen Classic Edition which sheds some light on this, and here's some of "Creem Magazine's" and "The New Musical Express's" (NME)'s STUPID personal reasons that has NO REASON in being discussed or addressed as a form to criticize the music artist, EVER in music journalism, UNLESS it has relevance on or adversely affects the quality of the artist's music, records, or live performances.

Page 29 has a story quote from former Creem journalist and as she is called Queen baiter, Susan Whitall from when she met Queen at a 1977 party in Detroit.

Quote Susan Whithall: "Creem had been making fun of Queen for years-our own Dave Marsh had famously declared them "the world's first fascist rock band"-and Freddie Mercury was an irresistable target for our more sarcastic photo captions." "Creem, eh? Why do you continually call Freddie gay?" asked an angry Brian May. Next, Roger Taylor chimed in. "It's so unfair the things you write about Freddie"."

What did Freddie's sexuality which is personal at that, and Creem Magazine's journalists sarcastically making fun of it, have anything to do with Queen's merit's musically and artistically, and criticizing Queen...purely because of Freddie's sexuality?...none whatsoever..This is plain out BIGOTRY!!!! and small minded discrimination.

Page 22 Quote "It was Queen's evident wealth that denigrated them most in punk circles. Mercury routinely toasted audiences with champagne, and stage sets (the new silvery lighting rig costing L50,000, was christened The Crown), and costumes (at Earl's Court In June, a Harlequin Leotard and white ballet slippers for Freddie, a white pleated cape for Brian), were increasingly ostentatious. The punk conscious music press quickly turned on them, most obviously when The NME, after giving A Night At The Opera glowing praise, interviewed Freddie for a piece headlined, Is This Man A Prat?. Stung by its scathing tone, Mercury barely faced the press again."

Yeah...and so what? The press is certainly allowed to discuss if an artist has wealth or not for their personal life and if they use that wealth to stage their productions, for their costumes, their tours, their recording studios, etc....but that has no relevance in the press's criticsm of that music artist's (Queen's) their artistic/music merits, unless it does affect their music in a negative or way, which with Queen it didn' fact it was very POSITIVE.

Queen utilized their wealth for better, more extravagant stage shows, costumes, lighting, sound, etc. and that made for BETTER, in fact outstanding, superior quality shows that the fans loved. So what's the problem?

There is no problem. This is a personal subjective petty vendetta of lashing out from the journalists at the NME who are just plain jealous and stupid.

That very grandeur, that opulence in Queen's case took their stage shows to an ART FORM of incredible showmanship and informed the quality as well...of their outstanding musicianship, performing their music live, where they put all of their focus and energy, exuberance into their stage show. The grandeur of their performances was reflected by the grandeur of their costumes, lighting, sets, etc. It was all one sterling work of music artistry.

Where does the press get off using...their personal BIGOTRY and then start a PERSONAL snipe war at an artist? having NOTHING to do with Queen's music, records, live performances. This is not journalism. This is PERSONAL; BIGOTRY, PETTINESS, & JEALOUSY to UNJUSTLY criticize, in this case Queen.

Stupid reasons such as these are very ugly and I hear

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These journalists... they're just assholes, that's what they are.
And from what I know, Queen members also never liked them much.

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aaah like the good 'ol days! xD

We love you Mandy!