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I will sometime today, Wednesday April 6, 2005 give out the link(s) for April 2, 2005, Anaheim, California to those who want MP3 from me who also in turn promise to share wherever each care to.

Okay, the proposal:

After you have downloaded the file free from provided by me for example, I ask that you copy your downloaded file and reuse the original file to upload (free as well). Files can be no more than 1 gigabyte in size, may be deleted by the sender, stay on their servers for 7 days and or until the file is downloaded after so many amount of times, I've read 25 from other senders.

Please do not share my link with anyone else and ask others to do the same with yours so that everyone has a chance at downloading the file(s), each following the above steps.

Once again, in the tradition I learned from the Bruce Springsteen fan base, I offer up "B & P" (blanks and postage) and that entails the following: 1. A written note regarding what show(s). 2. (Since almost all shows need only
2 blank discs each) 700 mb - 80 minute blank CDR's. 3. Paid return mailers and paid return postage. I'm in the United States, East Coast. 4. A bit about you, who are you, what do you do and a photo (optional).

I know from being around the internet since 1996, people I've never seen before knew me on sight.
It's about time I get a bit of info as to who I might meet for I shalt not be so suprised and unfamiliar to those who know of me.

Here is a FAQ (frequently asked questions) about torrents: You can download free, or Here you can read about the legality of them, and here, there is a free converter, you'd have to also download the free "codecs" (.wav, .mp3, .shn, .flac etc) and install them - all totally free. If you are not a member of Yahoogroups (free) register
for you can subscribe to for help etc. and an announcement only list for torrents, both fairly heavy traffic. Last but not least, you'd
have to become a member of free. If you do become
a member and decide to search for specific artist(s) or music, Use parenthesis around the name. Ex: "U2", otherwise you would probably end up with countless other artists vaguely related or not at all. Don't worry, unless you have not got DSL or better.

If you care to share / trade other forms of the music in .wav, .shn, .flac,.ape etc, please do so,
just let others know.

Please, if you believe, think, suspect anyone of selling the shows on Ebay or anywhere else,
let the U2 community know. These show(s) are meant to be free, the sellers will be "taken care of" properly. I would've bid one million U. S. dollars at Ebay and pulled out at the last moment but I've not got a credit/debit card that is expired.....

"Let it go, uhuh, and so to fade away, let it go." - Bad, U2.

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