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This just came up on Brian's website.

**Fri 15 Apr 05**

Queen fans in America and Canada will have to wait a few more weeks before they find out whether two of the remaining members of Queen will tour North America.

Speaking to The Rock Radio today, Queen publicist Phil Symes revealed that American Queen tour plans are "under discussion". If the tour does happen, added Mr Symes, "it will be in the autumn of 2005".

Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen along with Free/Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers are currently playing concerts in sold out arenas in Europe under the name Queen + Paul Rodgers.

Queen last toured North America in 1982 with the final show being held at the Forum in Los Angeles September 15, 1982. Back then the lineup also included bassist John Deacon and of course the legendary Freddie Mercury who died of AIDS in 1991.

It says "If..... the tour does happen, added Mr Symes, "it will be in the autumn of 2005".

What do they mean "IF!"....I'm panicking again.

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I think it all hinges on how Paul feels about it.
Now I know that you think he is frothing at the mouth and pinching himself like he won the lottery, but I think he was quite happy with his modest 20 dates a year. Just doing that nets him more money than most people make. I also get the feeling reading interviews from former bandmates that Paul is a bit aloof.

Brian and Roger, I'm sure are more than ready to hit the states, but Paul may still feel a bit uncomfortable having his identity swallowed up in the Queen machine.

One thing in our favor is that Paul lives in North America, so a tour here would be easier on him seeing that he can zip home between dates.

So chances are good, but far from certain.

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I just found something on Brian's website a little more positive, to say the least...This taken from a VH1 interview, apparently...Hopefully recent:

**Wed 13 Apr 05**

So the news is official: the much-talked-about Queen-plus-Paul Rodgers tour is en route to the U-S this fall. That's a lot of traveling for one year, which we're told can kind of make the rock star life feel like a job. But Paul Rodgers tries to keep it all in perspective.

"Somebody said to me, 'Do something, find a job you love and you'll never have to work another day in your life.' And, it's kind of like that. You know, it is a job I love, but there are aspects of it, the travel particularly, that are very, very tough. It sounds great, you know, I mean I've taken my lady on tour, and even I think it sounds good. You're flying on airplanes, you get cars that pick you up and you stay at hotels, blah blah blah. But it actually gets very grueling after about three months."

Well, Paul Rodgers better prepare for the grueling to set in: the band will be spending three months on the road for the European tour alone, and we're guessing about that much for the fall U-S tour. We'll keep you posted on exact dates for that, as they become available, of course.

VH-1 Music First

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A german TV interview with Paul Rodgers on 4/14/05
Was also posted-

Paul (english): We flew in today ...

(German overdub version - re-translated to English)

We just came here earlier today from Vienna, we played a concert there yesterday. The shows are working out really magnificent, better than I ever thought. In Italy not long ago our fans properly freaked out. They are singing our songs, that really welds together. It's simply wonderful!

(englisch) ... and the band. Everybody's just getting tighter and tighter, it's just getting better all the time, so ...

Queen video: "Radio GaGa"


It was 21 years ago that Freddie Mercury celebrated the climax of his career in Munich. For the Englishman from London Munich had become twice his secret love, both in personal and in musical repect. After all Mercury produced three hit albums here.

Queen video: "It's A Hard Life"


In Munich the bird of paradise celebrated excessive parties, here he was the favorite of the gay scene.

Stage performance: "Fat Bottomed Girls"

Proving that the show is going on are Paul Rodgers, Brian May and John Deacon - in a sold-out hall.

Paul (english): Yeah, I mean, Freddie's presence is ...

(German overdub version - re-translated to English)

Well, Freddie is of course omni-present, because much of what we're singing on stage is his music. I'm fully aware that I'm interpreting his lyrics. And when the audience is singing, they are singing exactly his version. But that's OK for me. I for myself like to mix blues and soul.


The stage show isn't as colorful, as loud and as shrill as in times of Freddie Mercury long ago. But after all that's not what the Rock gents want. It's close to their hearts to carry on the musical works of their paragon and friend in his very sense.


I think it is positive that Paul refers to "our songs" ..."It's just getting better, better.."