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Posted: 23 Apr 05, 16:38 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

"Queen R.I.P 1991"

two words: Bull s***. Queen is NOT dead.

Long have I been a spectator to the now famous "They Are Not Queen" rants and raves. Now, I shall no longer watch you worthless saps drone on and on about how Queen is dead and that Paul Rodgers is nothing compared to the great Freddie Mercury.

Now, to make sure I am good on both sides, I will say this: I am a fan of the Queen of old, the same old folks who made such gems as We Will Rock You, Radio Ga Ga, Another One Bites The Dust, A Kind Of Magic, etc.

I am, also, a fan of the Queen of new, the Brian May/Roger Taylor alliance with former Free and Bad Company lead singer Paul Rodgers. Famous for such hits as "All Right Now" and "Feel Like Makin' Love", the latter being one of my fave rock hits, he has made a good impression on most Queen fans these days.

Note the key word, boys and girls; MOST. Not all, not none. Most.

I, of course, am referring to the nay-sayers whom this concerns. I am sick and tired of you saying that this is not Queen. I understand that without Freddie, and without John, this is not the same Queen we grew up with. I know that for a fact.

But is it not true, that when we think of a song like "No One But You", we instantly think of Queen? Yes!

Wait! It can't be Queen, because Freddie's not there! Oh no!
Well, that's what you guys are acting like. I'm sick of it. It is not the same Queen that we all know and love, I know that for a fact. But can you at least have the decency and the heart to think that this is the best they could do with whatever resources they have at the time?

Now, I can't say that if Freddie were alive today, he would want to tour. At 59 years old, he would rather sit back and, as old John does to this day, "wait for the checks". What I can say, however, is that you are not willing to let them be called Queen, yet this trio features the two founding members of Queen. They could call themselves "Three Old Geezers Playing Songs Made Famous By Freddie Mercury", but they don't, because they have the power, the support, and the courage to call themselves "Queen + Paul Rodgers". I say you should show them a little more respect, they're doing this for all the fans, the people that are worried that Queen will no longer be as big as they were. Guess what?
They're still big. They've always been big. And they will forever be big, even long after Brian and Roger pass on.

But Brian and Roger aren't stopping now.
No, they are out there, busting their asses and traveling across Europe and hopefully the United States to preserve and expand on the legacy that is Queen.

Look at it this way. Here in the States, Queen only has a few rays of light remaining, given that they were only popular in the early 80's with Another One Bites The Dust and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. And Bohemian Rhapsody didn't become a #1 hit until after Freddie died. So this will be a great way of revitalizing the small pieces of Queen's illustrious and phenomenal career that will otherwise cease to exist here within this country which sells its soul to people like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, and Eminem, who, although are exceptional musical artists, will NEVER have the success that Queen has had.

I, for one, am in full support of this tour. It's not the greatest thing I've seen, but it doesn't have to be. This is unprecedented, unabridged Queen; not the Queen we all hope for, but good enough in by book.

So, to you pouters and you airheaded pricks out there, I say to you this: Do what you want, deny the fact that Queen still exists, deny the fact that Paul Rodgers is a great performer worthy of touring with Brian and Roger.
But mark my words. By doing this, you are not only turning your back on the three men we know as Queen + Paul Rodgers, but you are also renouncing your faith as a true Queen fan. Freddie would

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"you are also renouncing your faith as a true Queen fan"

Who are you to tell me I'm not a Queen fan????I started listening to Queen when you were still crawling.What do you know about Queen?Don't spam this forum with shit like this,you are a sucker that just started to live,you want to change the world?you are only 17,grow up and go to Paul's concerts and respect other people's tastes.

Heap big woman you made an asshole outta me....gimme your bums and ride!!!!!!
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Posted: 23 Apr 05, 18:44 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Well said
For a young Queen fan you talk alot of sense.

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I fully agree. Some folks keep starting new posts to go over their grief again and again, so let this guy make his point too.
And a very good point in my view.

Feel free to visit my site -

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Posted: 24 Apr 05, 09:12 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

One more time....

Paul Rodgers, the voice (as he is known in the music biz), the leader of 3 highly successful bands, (Free, Bad Co., and The Firm).... has said very clearly:

And I quote what Paul Rodgers told VH1's Rachael Perry on 4-2-05:

"I know there will be comparison's to me and Freddie Mercury, and I am honored by that, because I have a great deal of respect for the man, but people should know, I am not Queen's singer, I am simply filling in because the man is no longer here. Plus, I get to perform my songs in a new way, with the help of Brian and Roger. I am not in Queen, nor are the members of Queen in my band. We have formed a union for this one tour, where they will be the acting musicians in my band, and I will play the role of singer in their band. My fan base knows these two men are talented musicians, and so far, I have been well accepted by the Queen fans. The only ones who will be disappointed will be those who come out looking for a Freddie impersonator. Because they won't find that in me, and thats not what Brian & Roger asked me to do. They asked me to come be Paul Rodgers, which is good, because thats all I know how to do anyway (laughs)."

.....Need I say more????
Does this guy sound like he thinks he's Freddie???

If Paul is saying he knows he's not replacing Fred...just filling...

Can't we at least give this man a chance??

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Posted: 24 Apr 05, 09:19 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

They rock big time. I don't expect anything else. I couldn't care less under what banner they play- is it Queen, is it Q+PR, is it Whatibigididdydoo- the music is what matters. And the music is awesome. Is it a new era for Queen? Could be... I myself am waiting for the new studio album. And the next tour, even if there are still 6 shows ahead of me on this one...