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Devils & Dust, the song.


I've read so many comparisons to other Springsteen songs such as "This Hard
Land". I can understand the thought, it's the buildup from start to finish.
"Devils & Dust" is a very powerful song and grips the soul easily if you let
it. I listen to that first harmonica solo and am reminded of my own solo
from a song entitled "Freedom" from September 19, 2001.
"Freedom" was available freely via the internet within 24 hours. The song
was made on paper lyrically that day and the co-authors words were changed
live on stage that night and the additional accompaniment along with the
"jam" after the 1-2--3-4 count was proposed prior to stage time with no
other idea about it until the song was in progress. "Freedom" is copyrighted
via the US Copyright Office and on sale at my own domain, along with 26 other songs, 2 CD's.

I'm also reminded of "Act Of Mercy" created late 2003 and that is about the
sense of leaving America to parts relatively unknown.

Bruce Springsteen comes up with "Devils & Dust" about our troops there in
the Middle East and sums up in a more global perspective what any soldier
goes through who has a heart. Global perspective meaning more of a mass
appeal and understandability, universal.

I appreciate Springsteens works more so for his release of the entire
"Devils & Dust" CD/DVD for in a whole, this is the type of work I myself had
been striving for.

Now if only Mr. Springsteen would announce himself at that there in Hyannis with 24 hour advance notice to myself
and a few others around here...

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