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Thought everyone could relate to this...from a Duran Duran reunion feature in Rolling Stone:

"LeBon and Rhodes were left to record a 10th album, _Pop Trash_, for the Disney-owned Hollywood Records. 'I think that's when things came to a head,' says Rhodes. 'Never was there a place that felt less like a record company: Seven giant dwarves hold up the building. You're listening to these people, and finally I had to say, 'How funny that your corporate logo is a large pair of ears, yet not one of you in here happens to have any.''"

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I read that and laughed. But...I have noticed that you can ask any 2 different recording artists who are signed to the same record label their opinion of the label...and you will always get different opinions of how well they were or were not treated by the record label.

For instance, in the 1980's Duran Duran was signed here in the USA to Capitol Records...and so was Queen.

Yet during the 1980's Capitol made Duran Duran Superstars here in the USA and boosted and promoted their records and videos non stop in the USA....yet Capitol Records totally dropped the ball with Queen in the 1980's and did next to nothing to promote and boost Queen and their music, records, and videos in the USA.which Brian has lamented.

And this happens at all the record labels. Some artists are treated great and love the label. Some artists are treated crappy and hate the label. Down to who you know at the label, good A&R people, and if the label...politically speaking, wants to back the artist. Take an unknown like John mayer when he was signed to Columbia...just when Epic/Columbia was laying off BIG time veteran artists and A&R people left and right just a few years back. But they took an unknown, with no track record...and in my opinion no real talent, and made him a million selling recording star.

Yet Epic...terminated The Allman Brothers Band's 15 year milestone contract, who jumped ship to create their OWN record company, own all the copyrights and publishing rights to their master recordings from eher on in, and they...license and distribute their records on Sanctuary Records.