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Just when it couldn't get any worse (for the opponents.)

Congratulations New England Patriots, you brought in Doug Flutie back to New
England, where he should've ran supreme back in the 80's with the run and
shoot offense. That offense the coaches would not adapt to.

Any Springsteen, Queen & Paul Rodgers, U2 & Melissa Etheridge fans here?
How about W. K. Mahler fans? Well the word is out that Springsteen was
interested in Nelson Mandela's 46664 #2 South Africa March 2005 but could
not make it. Springsteen, Queen & Paul Rodgers & U2 will be here in North
America in the fall and as for Ms. Etheridge, she'll come around. As for
me, I'm always around.

Anyways, regarding Gillette Stadium and your Superbowl 2003 victory. It's
not like I asked Mr. Kraft one sunny mid morning during a Sunday if the
stadium could be used anytime soon but considering our talk about the 12
reasons why the Red Sox lost the ALCS that year and your 12 streak win with
a Superbowl victory, is it too late to ask a favor and borrow your stadium
for a week?

There are other parties interested, with the new
news of "Monsters" & "Raytheon Speaks" available there and the parent
company of Massachusetts,

As for a week there in Gillette, I know that my sources are telling me,
especially after getting game 4 before game 3 of the World Series down pat
and correct like I did, that you New England Patriots are in for one awesome
and very challenging season unlike any season since your first Superbowl

In a word, "TOUCH DOWN"


PART TWO MAY 4, 2005

Since someone in brucesplace @ asked me "What on Earth are you talking about?" My reply is posted here:

AFH Andrew99

Gee, Springsteen performed JOHNNY 99 in Texas the other night. I wonder, with your idea of suing Springsteen over Freedom vs. Devils & Dust, have you got other bright ideas? What on Earth are you thinking Andrew? Could you put one more cent to your 99 percent and maybe, just maybe, take a looky into the AIDS/HIV concert Elton John is planning for July 2005 in Philadelphia? As much as I'd like to have a 46664 AIDS/HIV awareness show up here in Massachusetts, specifically the very new Gillette Stadium for Philly is a bit of a drive away and I already told the entire world the Patriots are going to win the next Superbowl due to a touchdown 7 points or less end score, it would be a really good time, considering I gave away game 4 of the 2004 WS hours before game 3. It makes sense for Mr. John to pick Philly for his song Philadelphia FREEDOM. Andrew, would you please contact Mr. William Joel, the fresh out of treatment alcoholic to scare the bejesus out of my brother Troy so he'll put the bottle down for life? Do tell Billy Joel that his wife is a cutey for me too and I'm otherwise bored out of my mind around here, the musician that I am. At least summers here and the time is right for sailing to the beach. South Yarmouth, MA. USA.
Thank you Andrew.........may the backstreets be your friend.