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Posted: 03 May 05, 18:55 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I have spent the last couple of weeks busily downloading the concerts from this tour (as well as few other little things). Not because I'm a huge collector, or because I want to trade, just becase I needed to feel part of this tour, to 'be there' as best I could.

I should have been at all the UK/Ireland gigs and was hit for six when circumstances changed and after 4 months of planning and anticipation, I realized I couldn't get there after all.

So this has meant the world to me, hearing the music, the sound of the crowd singing, the little intros to the songs, Roger's silly jokes as he introduces the band, in some cases even being able to see it through the videos available... all of it.

I have been constantly amazed and humbled by people's generosity. I am exceedingly grateful to have access to all of this - in whatever form is available - and SO quickly.

This forum exemplifies the best of the Queen community - sharing amongst the fans, not for profit or gain.

To EVERYONE who has recorded, uploaded, seeded etc....THANK YOU!!!! And that goes for everyone who has shared their photos as well. You are all great.


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To all of you, who spend lots of time to let others participate... Thank you very, very much!!!
This is, in my opinion, the true spirit behind our passion... You did a great job!!!

Shoot for the moon... even if you fail you will land among the stars!

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Gosh I was just going to post something similar! I feel so sorry I have no material to share...
Thanks so much to all the generous people who are sharing. I can't believe I was even able to download and hear songs Freddie sang which I had never heard before!!! It meant the world and more to me.

So thanks so much! Hope I can do something for others....Well I will, once I accumulate the required 2 Giga of material and can join the Hub!

Fluff, I'm so sorry you couldn't make it to the gigs as you had planned. Personally I'm not thrilled by this tour and I chose not to go, but I can imagine how you must have felt when circumstances change. I hope it's nothing bad.

Take care


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