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I don't quite know why I'm posting this, but bare with me, it could get quite long.

I don't believe Brian's choice of phrase "The Spirit of Queen" was accidental. Queen are not a band anymore. They are so much more. They have become an immortal force for good that will exist so long as there's something for us to play music on. For me the music is like a dear and trusted friend. It gives me strength when I have none. It makes me smile in spite of whatever I may be feeling. Spears, Timberlake, Destiny's Child, Chemical Brothers... I'm sorry, who are they again? That's what most people will be saying in ten years time. But Queen will still be there, making people happy.

And now "Queen" are back on the road. I wish I could be there to see it, but I can't (damn oceans). I had my doubts, but I kept the faith. And the material I've heard so far has more than rewarded me for that. How wonderful is it to finally hear glorious songs like "I Want it All" again delivered with such passion and enthusiasm, ably backed by 10,000+ strong choir every night? It's better than I could ever have hoped. The only thing I can think to say that does justice to such brilliance is "This is How It's Done."

To the people who think this tour is about making money - pu-lease. If you really, honestly believe that then congratulations, you have absolutely no grasp of what one of your favourite bands is all about. You don't feel music. You don't understand it and what drives people like Queen to get out there and play. I've been playing guitar for nearly 15 years. I stopped for a couple, and had I not become a Queen fan and got my Dad to teach me "I Want it All", I would not have picked it up again.

People who play music just for the cash do not last. They don't. It's not an easy or glamorous life. People see through it eventually or they get sick of it. And they certainly don't go out and play a tour when they are NEARLY 60 with truckloads of cash and happy home lives. They do it because they love it. They love performing for people and making them happy. I know this because I feel music the same way. And when I see and hear Brian and Roger play I see the same thing in them. If they wanted more money, they could've toured loooooong before now. Your logic fails it. You have nothing to back up your opinion but your own cynicism.

Let's put it another way - Queen have and will continue to donate massive amounts of time and cash to charities, and their music makes countless people happy every single day. How many times have you seen a post from someone saying they were going through troubled times and may've even contemplated suicide, but Queen's music pulled them back from the brink and gave them the strength to go on? Their music has saved lives and saved souls. Do they not deserve every cent of reward and every cheer of appreciation they get? They do, and much much more.

To the people who think this is ruining Freddie's legacy. I find it impossible to believe Queen fans are spouting this illogical idocy. Their songs preach love, happiness and tolerance and you are biting down on Brian and Roger for still playing the music, bringing joy to thousands and doing everything they can to keep the memory of Queen and Freddie alive? To you too, I say congratulations on completely missing the point of Queen. I could beat you into a coma with a Queen lyric book and you still wouldn't get it.

To the people pissed off they are using the name Queen. I am ashamed to be breathing the same air as you. Listen to the clips of Brian and Roger's performances. They're still wonderful players and singers. Listen to the way they talk to the people in the audiences. They're happy to be there, and the audience is happy to have them there, either that or the whole fucking lot of them deserve oscars. Listen to the way they cheer and sing the songs with even more passion than the old audiences. Brian and Roger still be

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Exactly - you have hit the nail on the head, so to speak. The joy that so many people have had just listening to Queen music on CD's etc can't be measured.
For me, I have made friends, and had great nights out with "Tribute bands" who love Queen & really feel their spirit too (why else would they do it?)
Their music is always on for me, and it is like an old friend.
Now for thousands of people to experience that music live is fantastic, I believe.

Cheers from OZ

"We're going to be together until we f***** well die!!"
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Justice wrote:

Queen the Band: 1973 - 1991 RIP
Queen the Spirit: 1991 - Eternity

Good post. Particularly the quoted bit. I think you need to be more tolerant of other's opinions though - just because some people think the name is wrong, or whatever, it doesn't mean *they* are wrong. EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion, we just relate better to some opinions better than others. If you re-wrote that post and took all the swearing and negative comments towards others out, I'd say it was a great post. As it is, I think you slightly missed the mark and I'm calling it just good. A-

What? This is not a Queen essay writing competition? Oh sorry.... :) Well said!

djaef - Queen fan since 1678, after the Dorog concert!
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If you read the kind of posts I am referring to, you will see they are not offering me and others who think like me the same courtesy of considering our opinions. And when people I respect and have done so much for me are getting baselessly slagged off by supposed "fans"... well, I could only take so much.