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From "FatFrantic" Ricky


The only significant changes from the setlists they've been playing so
far in the tour were the addition of "Wishing Well" and dropping of
"Show must go on".

Paul seemed to do less vocals than he has been doing recently - Brian
sang all of Hammer to Fall and I want it all, whereas Paul did part of
HTF and all of IWIA in some of the live download tracks - maybe his
voice is feeling the strain of the tour.

Roger looks like he's feeling the strain of the tour too. At the end of
the encore all the band came up to the 'satellite' stage in the middle
of the crowd (about 5m away from where I was) and all of them were
sporting big grins and generally looking fairly good - except Roger,
who couldn't even smile and looked utterly, utterly shattered and
pretty unwell. Somehow I think Roger will 'retire' from touring after
this tour. But hopefully Brian & Paul will go on, the chemistry is
pretty good.

They opened the encore with an impromptu version of 'Sunshine of your
love' but it sadly fell apart as Paul lost his way in the lyrics. Paul
and Brian laughed about the lack of a practice on that one and then
launched into All right now.

Is it heretical on a Queen newsgroup to suggest that 'All Right Now'
was the absolute highlight of the night? Cos it was. Utter brilliance
from beginning to end. The other Free/Bad Company songs went down
really well with the crowd, in fact I'd say that the fan response to
the PR stuff was actually better than for most of the Queen stuff.

Only complaint of the night - Brian's solo. We've heard it all before
and its just too long and dull these days. Still, the video screen
provided a distraction in the latter part of it, which was nice.

Overall verdict: Excellent. Could have done better on a few minor
points, but (to be honest) I was expecting a lot worse when the tour
was first suggested.

If they finally do decide to do some Scottish gigs, i'll go and see
them again.


From me:

Maybe Roger Taylor is really Geoff Wood?....jk

Aussie Hostage Crisis: Douglas Wood