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For those unfortunate enough to "experience" the dreary Wembley Pavilion venue get a load of this!

Thu 12 May 05**

Yes - I said I would return to the subject of the "Pavilion" at Wembley. If I had known what an utterly unsuitable building this was, I never would have played it. And I'm sure this goes for the rest of us too. I was disgusted that this had been offered as a suitable venue to musically entertain 12,000 people. In my opinion it is a disgrace, and everyone should know it. We will be looking into what can be done to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again where we are concerned. As for dealing with the complaints, I will be very interested to see what the Wembley people propose. This cannot be the first time this has happened. I feel angry and disappointed for all those who didn't get a decent view - which I think means just about anyone further back than the mixing desk. It was bitterly disappointing for us to find that all the effort we put in to make the show COME CLOSE to everyone in the audience were frustrated in this terrible tent. There have also been many complaints about the behaviour of the stewards, which I think reflects the policies of the venue. I think an inquiry is justified, into the whole thing. We, the band, and our production team, gave 150 per cent, but to those of you in the blue seats, only a small percentage can have reached you. This is miserable for you and for us.

How incredible that London, of all European major cities, has the WORST apology for a large music venue ... and no prospect of an improvement. What is the matter with us ? And this the City which is clamouring to host the Olympics? It's a joke. We couldn't host a Teddy Bears Tea Party.

And I would like to know who is paying for all this advertising I see all around London, calling for us to "Support the Bid" Why ??? Do I want the Olympics here ? Hell No. Did anyone ask us, fellow Londoners, if we wanted this ? I don't think so. Another arrogance of the Ken Livingstone regime. I say again ...WHO IS PAYING ?? How about instead, spending our money on buliding a a decent venue for Rock music ???

Cheers all


Just about sums up his feelings on this glorified tent. Wembley should hang their head in shame.

The Northern England venues are much, much better as Brian says that the NEC is superior to most of the London arenas. A bloody shambles that London the UK capital doesn't have a decent rock venue.(Earls Court the only one)

Also Brian says on his website that Cardiff's singing was superb. I'm just proud to have been part of the Cardiff gig.

London complaceny and arrogance gone too far? I think let's hope that Wembley has learnt from this and make Wembley Arena a top notch venue for future shows.

We all of us deeply apologise for this god forsaken shit heap of a building...but we will make it rock.

Brian May Wembley Pavilion 11.05.05.
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Having gone to wembley on wednesday myself i'd like to see if we could between us get some sort of partition up, maybe an email we all could sign and then send to wembley as a indication of just how upset most people were.
Has anyone got any ideas on how we could do this

I still enjoyed the show in the end as me and my wife made our way to the side of B block and had a more or less perfect view, but not after we'd spend 2 songs outside agruing with stewards and then agian inside. In the end i just told them to f off and let us enjoy what we came to see in peace

Has anyone been able to get a refund i'm thinking of going to C A to see what rights we have. if we do we may go to hyde park

Hello again my beauties!

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How would a partition help? We need to build bridges, not walls...

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C´mon people, there's already a thread about this! Check that one out:

"Queen-Serious Discussion: Brian´s Ignorance"...

...and join us and Brian May in our fight against Ken Livingstone´s London NOW... Please!!!

BTW, Ken Livingstone did force Queen+Paul Rodgers to play in Wembley Pavilion... :-)

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Brian seems to have some hang-up about Ken Livingstone. I doubt if Ken had much to do with the monumental cock-up that is the new Wembley.

Why didn't they just do their research and play Earls Court. Surely someone from the Queen organisation should have checked it out? It's a brand new venue after all..they should have had a look at it first.

Too late to start crying about it not..blaming Ken sounds like a guilty conscience to me.

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