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Posted: 16 May 05, 07:21 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I was lucky enough to be at the Queen + PR show in Belfast last night and it was quite superb --- a really fantastic show. A wonderful 2hrs 40mins show --- longest of the tour i think.

I would love to know how Q+PR felt about the gig and the venue --- i noticed during the encore [All Right Now and so on] Brian seemed to have some guitar amp issues or maybe a guitar lead issue? Maybe onstage guitar sound that was not coming through? Out front it was superb all night -- it really was.

The sound, vocally and instrumentally was so powerful yet crystal clear too in that you could identify each part easily. But man -- WHAT A SOUND!!! made the old spine tingle at times :) A massive effort from the whole band too - Roger looked cream-crackered at the end after knocking seven bells out of the drum kit!!! :). The cat-walk is such a great idea i think -- i mean they were right in the middle of the crowd basically --- right in the melting pot if you like and Q+PR pulled it off magnificently. It felt very intimate and warm last night and i haven't heard an Oddysey crowd as loud as that before. And i've seen a few big bands there, Radiohead, and so on...

It can be difficult, as a big Queen and Brian May fan, to remain objective about the gig but comparing it with those of other top bands i have seen over the years - Queen 1984 and 1986, U2 on several occasions, Radiohead, Stones etc --- this is right up there as one of the best gigs i have ever seen from a performance and sound/visual perspective. a really memorable night.

What i noticed was that on the way out, overhearing other peoples comments and so on, and everyone to a man [and woman!] was saying "best show i have ever seen", "fantastic sound", "brian may is a guitar god", "queen are the best group i've ever seen" ... and so on. It was gushing stuff but entirely genuine too. Q+PR really made a mark in Northern Ireland last night.

Thanks to Brian, Roger and Paul for making the effort to bring the show to Belfast --- the Odyysey is a great new arena and a credit to the city i think --- i hope it was as good from the performers perspective.

Looking forward to catching the tour later on in July also.

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Posted: 16 May 05, 07:44 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I have to agree with everything you have said - I can only add AWESOME show - simply the best ive seen. i was right up at the end of the catwalk at the front of the stage and enjoyed every minute.