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Isn't this a good way to find new interesting things about qzoners? :D

1. Do you like your name, or would you like to be called in a different manner? Yes i do it's Fraser for those of you on here unsure.

2. How were you as a kid? Quiet and good or naughty and noisy?
I was Quiet and did what i was told unless i had Coka-Cola and sweets cause that would put a bounce in my step cause of all those E numbers.

3. Do you prefer to listen to the music in headphones, in your room, in a disco or bar, on tv, or in concert halls?
hi fi cd player

4. What song would you dedicate for me? :P
I can't get you out of my head - Kylie as it's a girlie number.

5. Do you collect stuff (exc Queen related stuff)? If yes, what?
I have all the cd albums & Queen live at wembley.

6. What are your favourite colors? For clothes? To decorate a room?
fav colour is Red,Blue,Yellow,& Pale Purple.
fav clothes is same as above plus Black.
fav room colour White or natural colour although colour at mo is bright yellow!!

7. Are u happy? Why?
Not much at the moment - for various reasons... which include global sad occurances, broken my collar-bone so abit bored.

8. Are u an optimistic person?
oh yeah im a positive person.

9. Do you blush easily?
i think so?

10. Can you dominate your feelings?
I'm always same.

11. Where would you like to go in your honey moon?
Somewhere where there's a bit of good weather! unlike here for instance. I'd say Italy or Spain.

12. Do you like mysteries?
yeah there ok.

13. What's ur lucky number? 7

14. Do you like to be an enigma for everybody else?
I do to a certain respect. I like to have my on style.

15. List 5 qualities and 5 defects that u think u possess:
1. lovable
2. unique
3. sociable
4. fun
5. stylish

1. too talkative sometimes
2. messy :P
3. possessive
4. lazy
5. perfectionist

16. Why do you lie when you're not telling the truth?
it's easier to in certain things.

17. Do you care about what others think about you?
i do i think it's important.

18. Do you want to step out from the crowd, or keep yourself hidden?
hidden really although sometimes i like company.

19. Do you know how to keep a secret?
I do keep my mouth zipped.

20. What do you think is the best form of civilization?
A. making the living space beautiful
B. respect toward the others
C. the need to add to the practical things beauty
my answer: B

I'm done Wah-ha