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Posted: 04 Jun 05, 13:52 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Just wandering if anyone has ideas about what maybe released (if anything at all) after this tour dies-down. Does anyone think there will be any more solo albums, or will things just be drawing to a back-catalogue close? I've no idea, can anyone out there shed some light?

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Posted: 05 Jun 05, 21:37 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

to tell you the truth when the tour dies down all that will happen is Brian May will keep collaborating until he dies and their will probably be a Brian Tribute

Roger will relax because that is what he was planning to do before Brian asked him to go to the Paul Rodgers maybe a bit more collaborations

John will stay by himself till he is gone maybe a John tribute with a BUNCH of rappers :)

Freddie will continue to take the limelight and people will keep covering songs

As for Queen production most likely is going to make solo collection like Freddie I hope
as for the dvd collection they will get bored after a while and stop

WWRY, WATC, ABOTD, BoRhap maybe Under Pressure will live forever ( they will dont say shit about the other songs like the greatest hits or early stuff songs die)

Queen fans will die and be born and Queen will probably live forever as 2 to the Beatles

Truth hurts dont let your Queen illusion cover you eyes

besides this is an opinion