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Remember the Scott Peterson case?
(Who doesn't)
Before the trial, during the pretrial it was made known that a similar
murder included a woman and babe in the same area and body of water.

It is that since Peterson lied to his family and friends about Laci, that
the similar same area murder was not allowed as defense evidence, a decision
by the judge.
Tit for tat really, if you think about it.

Yet, it is a miscarriage of justice.

Yes, Peterson is guilty of murder yet not allowing the evidence into trial
is but a conviction before the trial and did not help the legal system at

If anything, the similar murder would have shown a psychological link and or
motive that was a factor in Petersons reason to kill and by not allowing it,
the entire factual story was deluded.

This may have meant the difference between life in prison and the death
penalty yet none of the less of it, the legal system did not have the right
to allow said judgment.

Retrial, similar verdict but life in prison.


The subject of prostitution and or legal pornography and how it effects the
medical care community and the patients with or without insurance is why I
wrote that poem.

When a relationship between man and woman becomes entangled within the
above, the very core of the relationship is compromised in every way that
otherwise ought to be a more wholesome relationship.

Combine the element of true illegal activities, the coercion and intimidation
of harm to another and then the medical community being duped and or
responsible into believing either person in the relationship is ill in the
mind or otherwise, it is a one too many time enacted scenario.

While researching cause and effect, it became known that a of age woman,
over 20 was used to help convict a man who had committed crimes. The basis
was his past actions of course but it became known that the 20 year old was
written of as a minor, 16 years old. The lie was to be used against the man,
a bonafide tit for tart, not tit for tat.

I say, hey, if the guy is going to be charged for a crime, don't be lying
about one (16 when really 20) just to convict him on the basis of his past
actions and not having proof or evidence, it does not give anyone the right
to provide tainted evidence to convict him or her.

When money is needed to oust one out of financial poverty, combining that
somewhat public knowledge and utilizing the best of the legal and medical
communities in order to counter the good of it all, in order to intimidate,
to twist the best of a person into pornography by means of using isolation
and prevention of truths, leads to the corrosion of a man and woman
relationship, thus illegal itself.

When those scenarios are taken advantage of, it becomes a moralistic decay,
one by one until everybody is effected.

With all due respect to Sumatra in South East Asia, it is known largely as a
area of sin, just like Soddom And Gomorrah and other areas, Provincetown,
MA. as well as San Francisco, CA yet it was that area that got thrashed by
the tsunami in a area otherwise, underdeveloped in terms of new technologies
for prevention of any kind of major disasters.

Mother Earth, Mother Nature has not taken sides in this matter at all and
there is quite the large amount of scientific proof that our own entire
Eastern Seaboard could be greeted by a 500 mph tidal wave from the Canary
Islands area of the coast of Africa. It's one of major reasons why our US
forces are being centralized in Virgnia and Kentucky.

Remember Live Aid? Live Aid II was proposed and last night I went to Live 8
the site and watched a music video documentary about the starving and
innocent. A baby girl who's toes had been chewed off by rats was shown
during that moving, emotional, saddening and stunning video set to music.

All I can ask is, what you see, interpret of my poem, please add on make it
a song, consider it a community effort. http:

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Mahler okay you got me.....what is the joke in all your many hundreds of similar postings that i just don't get?

go deo na h√Čireann