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--Teddy's Song--
(In loving memory of my Uncle Harold T. Mahler "Teddy")
October 2003

Well, I think it's time
Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, oohhhh
I know it's time
Brother of mine
Mother of mine
Father of mine
I know i'm home
In time

Daughter of mine
Daughter of mine
Daughter of mine
Son of mine
Mmmm hmmm mmm
I know you know
I know you know
I know you know
Oh I know
I know you know
It's time

From the heart we shared
From the souls we bare
From the shadows to the light
From the daylight through to the night
I will be there with you
Wherever you are
Whatever you do
I will be there to guide you if you will guide me to
I am there for you
You were there for me too
Together we beat as one
Together we live under the sun
Oh together we live as one
Ah together we live as one
Together we are as one
Together we have just begun to make our lives
To make our lives
To make our lives
To live our lives
To lead our lives
We shall arise

Together as one
Together as one
Mother, father, daughters and son
Together as one
I'm walking with my brother
I'm holding hands with my mother
I'm guided by my father and Jesus and God
I am with the Angels
I am living in Heaven
But you know I'm around
You know where I am found
I'm inside you
I have pride in you
Together as one
Together as one
Together as one
Together as one

I love you

When I recorded this song, "Teddy's Song" shortly after the funeral of my Uncle Ted Mahler, well, I still don't know to consider an error an error or just a absolute not error at all.

I'm walking with my brother

Should've been: I'm walking with my brothers.

Robert: Died during chid birth
Harold (Ted) Died October 2003
Richard: Still Alive
James: Killed in action, Vietnam, 1963

I'm the same man that has said and or written "everybody has a twin" and "everybody has a double".

You can probably imagine my suprise when I found or I should state, revisited an image tonight that does indeed remind me of James W. Mahler, yet he has been listed as killed in action since Vietnam, 1963.
Color photos are not supposed to look that good at all. Black and white photos colorized and digitized, sure.

That song was one that I had chosen to perform in Plymouth, MA. June 13, 2005 yet I did not ever arrive there due to developments involving law enforcement, people I care about and the absolute tragedy involving the sadistic abuse of a under age minor in my own neighborhood. Hunting, I am indeed. Criminal, you're on notice, my notice and my notice to you is, you are warned.

For more info, visit my domain, please.

William K. Mahler, Owner
Mahlers Of New England
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