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*Many years ago, Audrey L. Kelly was asked by me to study into the lives of those in Africa and create what she could. Why? Her husband had been stating racial slurs within hearing distance of anyone around. We no longer communicate. I've asked online who the author is of a new song, "Toddlers" and I've not found a text document as to whom the author truly is. The video is the most compelling, gripping, saddening and stunning two plus minute documentary I've witnessed in years. I edited the audio to bring a fuller sound to the song and it's origins are included here within the MP3 "Toddlers" without permission. Why? Live 8 happens the first weekend of July 2005 and to my knowledge, there is not enough advertising here in the South East Area of Massachusetts and anywhere else in the U. S. A.

*Lies, coercion deception, intimidation, rape and theft runs rampant.*

*For the record, neither Shane William Kelly and Audrey Lee Kelly have any legal right world wide to use any of Leonda K. Mahler's and William K. Mahler's graphics, imagery, music, photos, videos and any form of typed and or written documents to represent and or act upon either behalf in any matter at all. In other words, they may not use anything that of either of us. They cheat, lie and steal without any remorse using coercion, intimidation, behave like totally evil 21st Century Robin Hood's against anyone and they utilize all perverse natures stemming from the movie "A Clockwork Orange". Friendly as they may or may not behave, they equate to rabid and untreatable animals.

Currently, an investigation is underway regarding the rape including sodomy of a under age minor.

UPDATE: JUNE 26, 2005

From May 2005 to Present

He is the 21st Century Rabid Robin Hood with the psyche blueprint of the
main character of "A Clock Work Orange"

These recordings demonstrate his threat not only to society but his own
family he resides with as well.

These were placed to the Mahler home number and cell phone number.




Nickname/Aliases: "Ground Control" "S. A."

"Shane Kelly Padraig" "Lonewolf"

Has had his hair frosted recently.

He has been utilizing family members to create and distribute pornography.

AUDIO & VIDEO REPAIRMAN, D. J. Linux & WI-FI knowledge.

Attended Cape Cod Regional Technical School, 1980's, Harwich MA.

Lost his FCC Radio Broadcasting license for excessive profanities.

Cape Hart T. V., West Yarmouth, MA. & Harmony Hut Hi Fi. Falmouth, MA.

Accused and tried of rape of a mentally challenged woman. Got away with it
due to the "unproven harassment" effect.

Marijuana user and dealer.

Attaches only 1 license plate to many of his vehicles, pays insurance for
one vehicle.

Also is a licensed motorcycle rider.

Has hired homeless persons to assist in theft of a former employers

Has had possession of a fire arms license.

No tattoes, approx. 5' 10", 160 lbs. Sometimes has a crew cut and is going
bald in the back upper portion of skull.

Was involved with the distribution of the child porn star Traci Lords videos
when she was in the business as a minor.

Has illegally used other artists material in "bootleg" video production.

An avid fan of the movie, "A Clockwork Orange" a story about gang rapes and
being a thug.

His style of patterns are traceable. Needs glasses, has many cavities.
Uses aliases and phony I. D.'s.

He is considered paranoid and dangerous, please use caution.

Any knowledge of his actions are welcome by law enforcement.


1-508-775-0387 Barnstable, MA Police: http://www.barnstabl

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You cram so much info into such a small space I have a hard time trying to figure out what the fuck you are saying lol

MY GOD spell it write.
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