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(If I don't get your message, Mr. Shane William Kelly has been hacking.)

A civilian investigation in conjunction with law enforcement. WANTED: SHANE
WILLIAM KELLY (For Sadistic crimes against

Answering machine and voice mail intimidation and threats by Mr. Shane
William Kelly to not only my family but children and women, flesh and blood
of Mr. Shane William Kelly. Shane William Kelly

A 21st Century Rabid Robin Hood with a psyche greater in evil than the main
villain character of "A Clockwork Orange", a movie about gang rape.

Mr. Shane William Kelly's own intimidation and coercion of his own flesh in
blood while all the while knowing he is under investigation.

Currently, an investigation is underway regarding the rape including sodomy
of a under age minor. Another investigation is underway for the hit and run
of a child in another Massachusetts area town. Hit by a dark Cadillac and
that boy, looked much like my own nephew (whom lives elsewhere) was a boy
accidentally captured on film in the presence of a local drug dealer who is
connected to the very same Shane Kelly, owner of many Cadillac's.

*For the record, neither Shane William Kelly and Audrey Lee Kelly have any
legal right world wide to use any of Leonda K. Mahler's and William K.
Mahler's graphics, imagery, music, photos, videos and any form of typed and
or written documents to represent and or act upon either behalf in any
matter at all. In other words, they may not use anything that of either of
us. They cheat, lie and steal without any remorse using coercion,
intimidation, behave like totally evil 21st Century Robin Hood's against
anyone and they utilize all perverse natures stemming from the movie "A
Clockwork Orange". Friendly as they may or may not behave, they equate to
rabid and untreatable animals.

"A Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick, a movie about gang rape should
never be played within listening and emotional distance of children. Bring
this twisted, demented and perverse man Shane W. Kelly into the law of U. S.
Justice. Shane William Kelly: to be tried and convicted and sentenced to
prison, no leniency please. I feel sorry for the good young children who
share the same home. It's bad enough that a many children in my own area
were severely hurt by a now convicted child pornographer and since Shane W.
Kelly has been trolling my neighborhood, matters had been getting worse
especially for those who had remained untouched. Yes there are
investigations and yes they are on record and your assistance is truly
Of Human Bondage: FBI Exec. Testifies On The Trafficking Of Human Persons

FHI: Non Consensual Sex

William K. Mahler, Owner
I am my own agent, boss, manager etc.
Nobody else is and nobody has the legal right to be.
Mahlers Of New England
Let your imagination run wild and save a child.

JUNE 19, 2005:

Yes indeed they are serious.

Those are the exact order of messages without edit.

Overall it is his attitude.

Offenses yes and no, he has not been convicted of rape as an adult that I
know of.

Intimidation and exploitation.

When he video taped and or photographed his victims and those materials were
placed into the internet, he wrote of the author to be not himself but the
actual victim. Meaning, he gave her full credit for his actions with the
idea he could say he did not agree with it all.

It effectively turned the evidence his last known victim had against him
into a weapon against herself. Not everybody knew where and how he utilized
the internet.

With over 8 billion pages out there.

The best part of binaries is that in time of need to clarify a situatio