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The September 05 issue of ''Vintage Guitar'' Magazine has an in depth interview with Free's Andy Frasier. The interview is excellent as it covers his entire career, with Free, and Since Free, all his session work and..

..his new solo CD '' Naked...and Finally Free''.

The insight into his career, anecdotes about the Isle of Wight Festival, his bass playing, etc. is great.

But....for all of QZ who debate endlessly about whether Freddie was Bi or Gay, did he have sexual relations or not with any women (ie'Mary, Barbra), why didn't Freddie out himself, etc. Andy Frasier's interview with VG Magazine, he discusses that while he has been happily married for many years (divorced now), and has daughters from his marriage....

..this new CD ie; the title '' Naked...and Finally Free''.... a confessional CD officially outing himself and telling the world that he is Gay, and he has AIDS, which he is taking medication for.

He discusses how afraid he was of outing himself back in public school, how difficult it was living a lie with his wife, having to tell his daughters.

What I am trying to say here is that each person is different, but as I have said before, on QZ Freddie and only Freddie knew if he was Bi or Gay, and if he did or did NOT have sex with women, and you cannot ascertain facts of someone's sexuality even if they are married, or have children.

This interview did not surprise me (except finding out and being concerned that Andy has AIDS), because many people, not necessarily in showbiz, who are gay or bi, ARE married or are in''relationships'' with people of the opposite sex, and yes...have biological children.

I thought this interview was very brave of Andy and he said that the CD and his performing live are better done if he feels ''comfortable in his own skin'', so to speak and who he is, took him an entire lifetime to make the decision to out himself,...

...but ONLY because since he now has AIDS, he didn't want the press, or fans to speculate, and he says that he is already aware of the tabloid rumors, so he thought it best to get the facts out himself and have some dignity and he announced he has AIDS on his website.

He also seems more proud of his a songwriter...than as a bassist. Which is what Brian and Roger always say. Songwriting really defines a musician artistically and makes them feel proud of what they do as an artist.

I also am most upset to hear that Andy is ill with AIDS and he describes in detail his medication and health regimen and I hope that he is ok and ...maybe there will be a cure in time for him. He sounds like a very nice, (as well as talented) man.

Anyhow...just thought some of you might be interested.