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How do you feel about the last Queen DVD and CD releases ?

Good :
Greatest Video Hits 1 ; Great sound and some nice extra's as WWRY fast from the houston concert and Nom I'm here from the Rainbow + the Bohemian Rhapsody section which was just nice.
Greatest Video Hits 2 ; great sound and lots of extras like the one vision documentairy, karaoke version of UP, IWTBF, FWBF and TM. Also lots of nice interviews and the performances in Montreux.
Live at Wembley DVD (+CD):
The sound is OK but not very good. The drums and the basguitar are unclear with no depth. But this DVD has got a very good filmed concert with a good picture quality. This is one of best performances of the band. The DVD has got a lot of extra's like the documentary "Beautiful day", Queen cam, rehearsels and a part of the Friday concert + a new interview about the concert with Brian and Roger.
Queen on fire (+CD)
Again a very nice dvd. The sound is much better than Wembley but this one has not been filmed as well as Wembley. It has got a very variated setlist, much better than wembley. The extras are great. Some nice interviews and some part of the concert in Vienna and Japan. I would have been even more great if this was also in DTS 5.1 but I don't know if this was possible.

Bad :
Queen greatest hits III. This is just a release cause of financial reasons. Common Greatest hits 3 ?????? They gave us some remixes and stuff like that. I don't like this, this could have been much better.

This is the way I feel about it. Sure, I most have forgotten something... We are always complaining about the stuff they release but I think it's not that bad gheghe. I like all the DVD's. It would be really nice to have a concert of the seventies in Dolby surround or DTS 5.1. Let's see what happens with the ANATO 30th anniversary. Maybe, maybe we might get some really nice suprises. I also saw some small parts of the Sheffield DVD and this looks really fantastic.

How do you feel about the latest Queen product releases ?

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I agree with you. They were all good except Greatest Hits III.