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is it possible to do something about the content of some postings being made lately?

I know this isn't your fault - but QZ is degenerating into a cesspool of racism, and all-round offensive comments.

I understand how we all swear (i know i'm amongst the worst) - but the comments lately have been beyond plain indecency - and what's worse is : these people think it's clever - some of the porn on here is unbelievable - with som many pre-adult QZoners - how long before some parent somewhere is directing traffic at YOU?


Sharron .G
Posted: 8/7/2005 6:17:42 PM
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Sharron .G
Posted: 8/7/2005 5:43:44 PM
Jay Z is a queer, but I'd eat shit out of Beyonce's hot nig nog ass!

Posted: 8/7/2005 6:09:36 PM
theres nothing wrong with nig nogs arses. unless they're fat or something

Posted: 8/7/2005 4:08:51 PM
Your the dickhead mate.
How can someone be racist towards their own people? LOL. If a black gut disses his fellow niggers, is that racist?

Posted: 7/21/2005 2:27:50 PM

I think its about time we sent muslims home now. I mean, look at the bombings, they are all muslims, and people say "ah we cant send them all back because some are good", yes but they become bad and bomb stuff. we dont know who the bad ones are, if we sent them all home, then we wouldnt be bombed. easy solution. and its not racist because i havent said to kill them or anything, just leave them go and live in an arab country where they want to be anyway cos they come over here and dont change their way of living to suit western world, they just carry on

Posted: 7/21/2005 3:20:08 PM
What do you mean islam is harmless? are you kidding? its the most dangerous thing in the world and should be banned. if people want to be islam, then they can go and live in an arab country. problem solved. There will be no terrorism in uk then, well, only the irish probably, and at least they have the courtesy to warn us

okay, so if you think i'm being a bit too concerned - that's okay. but i do think things are definitely turning for the worse lately...

go deo na h√Čireann
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LAST year...

New year, new problems...