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Hear hear!!

Paul Rodgers - "Gimp Of The Year 2006"
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Now if I had to guess, I would have this BPP down as roughly 8 to 15 years old (sincere apologies to the fans on this site of that age but trust me, you are a lot more mature). But if I recall from an old thread, I am sure he is in his 40's!

For God's sake, what an arsehole! As Freddie would say 'He is talking from here'. And yes, you know where 'here' is!

Basically, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how pathetic it may seem to some people but when that person keeps on and on and especially about something that is so shit and also when it involves trying to convince people that he has a valid point, then it is time for that person to be banned!

As it has been said for about a zazillion amount of times, there will never be another Freddie Mercury and nobody but nobody will ever replace him. They are not trying to do that!!! I can respect if you don't like Paul Rodgers but you really have not got a clue if you don't think Paul Rodgers has an excellent voice!

At the end of the day, if a 'mature' adult acts the way you do, then God help your children (if you have any). Then again, I cannot see you being married or have any children, as you are such a narrow minded, stuck in your ways prick!

So Queen died in 1991??? Funny that, I thought it was Freddie Mercury who sadly passed away! So I take it you disagree with not only this fantastic tour but also the tribute concert, the 'Made In Heaven' album, the 'No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)' single, the 'Queen Rocks' album and the 'We Will Rock You' show? I mean, Heaven forbid, it just isn't Queen, because there is no Freddie Mercury!!!

I would love nothing more, than for Freddie to be alive and still BE A PART OF QUEEN. But he is dead! You are one of the most stubborn idiots if you will not even try going to one of the concerts and see for yourself what it would be like.

I was fortunate enough to see Queen and Paul Rodgers at Cardiff C.I.A and at Hyde Park. The two concerts were fantastic! You had Brian May and Roger Taylor playing as if age had not caught up with them and Paul Rodgers voice was excellent. After both concerts, I said to my girlfriend that seeing as it was so good, just imagine what it would have been like with Freddie. Of course it would be better but this is the closest thing we will ever get. Yes, we have memories of Freddie and his performances/concerts and they will never go away. But is your brain capacity that small that you cannot create new memories and that you are so far up your own arse that you act like a spoilt child and will not even give the concert a chance???!!!

Brian May and Roger Taylor was part of a band called Queen, just like Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury was not Queen but a part of a fantastic group called Queen. I also believe Freddie quoted that they would be together until they died. Does the song 'The Show Must Go On' mean anything to you? Brian and Roger are musicians, so why shouldn't they go out there under the name of Queen, when that was their name in the first place? I know you will probably come back with a pathetic response like, 'Queen is not Queen without Freddie Mercury' and to an extent, yes, I agree but in the context of that Queen will never be as good without Freddie Mercury but as a true fan, of course you would recognise that but how can you justify that Queen died in 1991, when it was just one person who actually died? That is like saying every time a football club, say Manchester United, loses a player, then that football club can no longer and is no longer Manchester United? I mean, I love Wayne Rooney as a player and I would hate to see Manchester United lose him but would that stop me supporting Manchester United or them changing their name? No, of course it wouldn't. Did I ever want Freddie to die? Of course not but do I want Queen to exist in any shape or form? Of course I do! I mean, come on, get a grip on reality here and bloody grow up!!!

I will end by sayin

"I'll Face It With A Grin, I'm Never Giving In. On With The Show... The Show Must Go On!!!"