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Now I'm not looking for an argument or a sudden explosion of insults towards anyone, so please have that in mind whilst reading this.

I'd like to make my case for the tour, if I may. I was incredibly excited upon hearing that the remaining, willing and able members of Queen were going to be touring with one of my favourite singers, especially considering the amazing performance they put in together at the UK Music Hall Of Fame in November 2004.

Above anything else, this was due to the fact that, as I am 17 years old, I was too young to see Queen live, too young to see Brian on his last solo tour, and I'm not particularly fond of Roger's solo material, so I wouldn't sit through what I don't like just for the Queen drummer. Simply put, this was quite probably my only ever chance to see Queen songs being played live by the members of Queen, the fact that I really love Paul Rodgers' back catalogue (Bad Company in particular) was an added bonus to me.

I do not consider the tour to be a disgrace at all, because Brian and Roger have reached a point in their lives and careers where they are internationally reknowned for their time in Queen, yet had no singer or willing original bassist to continue work with that band. Having already produced solo material of varying quality and success, the guys met with a singer who's three bands all went there ways eventually (with the slight exception of Bad Company), and who's solo material was beginning to flounder. The combination of these acts is a truly amazing thing to experience, songs that we're so used to are being performed with a different sounds, and it sounds fantastic.

Sure it's not Queen, that's why it's Queen + Paul Rodgers, and I'm pretty sure the band are expecting everyone to know that as it has "+ Paul Rodgers" on the end, Freddie is absent, and there's nothing anyone can do about that, not that it stopped the band including him in the shows. Furthermore, a new band has been formed, as two members of Queen are missing, so we have a new singer and a new rhythm section and keyboard player, the reason a totally new band hasn't been formed is simply because Queen are rock legends, people will recognise them due to the name, even on their solo tours, the audience of Brian May compared to Queen was tiny. Because of this, I honestly cannot understand how anyone can be against the tour, you're seriously suggesting that some of rock musics most prominent figures should be denied the chance to extend their careers just because one of their own died? Extremely harsh indeed.