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Suigi user not visiting

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First off, since I joined the board so late, could someone please tell me what crawled up BPPPBPBPPPB PBPBPBPBPpPBpBPpbpbpb's anus?
Secondly, why is everyone getting so worked up about this? It's the same as the whole vivival mess. Distance yourself, think logically. PLEASE.
And finally, BPPPBPBPPPB PBPBPBPBPpPBpBPpbpbpb is entitled to his own opinion. There's nothing you can do to change that. But just like the doomsday prophet you find on the street, you can just walk past, ignore him, and move on with the regular workings on the board.

Oh, and one more note: CAPS LOCK DESTROYS YOUR CREDIBILITY!!!!!!!1!!!!!111!1!!1!


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