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Posted: 26 Aug 05, 09:05 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I have noticed that the press reviews for the Q + PR tour have been about 50/50.

The funny consistency I have seen is that the negative reviews are, 'why the hell are they doing this?' while the positive reviews are more 'wow, I was really surprised'. It seems that all negative reviews are from people who haven't actually seen a show.

I know a lot of people on this board will lie just for the sake of trying to get a rise out of people, but is there anyone out there who has honestly seen a concert from this tour and still think it's a bad thing? I went from feeling a bit skeptical, but just glad to be seing them, to after the show losing all conscious thoughts of comparing them with the real Queen.

What do you who have been think?

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Dunno- was excited as hell before Brixton and a bit worried that I'm going to be disappointed by my heroes.Yet even though the performance was pretty bad at times- I still consider the moment when courtain felt down at the begining of TYMD as THE ultimate musical experience of my life... As for other shows.. They were getting better and better... IMO disappointed could be those who were waiting for a Freddie clone or knew straight away they're not going to like it (stupid to go to concert than...)... Those who were open-minded and kew they're going to see something DIFFERENT... Well- it was amazing, rock'n'roll, straight-between-your eyes, raw... There were things I and many didn't like (tapes during Ga-Ga and TADDOOL, Say It's Not True is not the best tune ever, AKOM- with an exception of Birmingham where they played an amazing version...), but overall... Well- would I attend 7 gigs if I didn't like t? :) I wish it was 27, not "just" 7...