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From Howard stern's show this morning.........

Howard Reviews The New Queen Album. 09/13/05. 9:55am
Howard was going to have Robin get back to her news but she wanted to hear his rap on the new Queen album ''Return Of The Champions.'' Howard played some of their version of ''Another One Bites the Dust.'' Howard said he doesn't want to hear those songs performed without Freddie Mercury. Howard said the band sounds great but the singing has to stop. He listened to another track that wasn't all that bad but he still didn't care about it. The more he listened to it the more he was liking it. Gary told Howard that the record company wants him to go see the band and have people up on stage to sing for them. Howard said he won't be doing that because it'll probably be every deejay in New York City up on stage doing that. Howard wanted to put this off until tomorrow but Richard Christy had come in and asked about what songs they were performing on this album Howard was listening to. Howard played some more tracks and said he might just get this album. He said he might have more on this tomorrow. He had Robin get back to her news after that.

Interesting how they said the record company wanted "Ce;eberties" to joing them up on stage to sing.....makes me think that the New York show is going to be full of suprises.


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It was followed up today, Sept 14 w/ more conversation about the CD. Howard said he was hesitant at hearing Paul Rodgers sing Freddie's vocals. After listening to it, he said it sounded really good. Made a comment on Roger singing IILWMC. Then talked about some Queen tribute band, Almost Queen. The singer sent in a tape of them playing & a letter stateing he sounded just like Freddie. NOT! The harmonies were good, but the lead singer sounded flat to me. Anyway, Howard talked about trying to get Brian in the studio when they hit the States.

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I have it from a VERY reliable sources that Queen + PR will tour the US and Canada in 2006, they are in process of finding venues as we write.

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