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Serry, my good man. I noted from an earlier post that you need some tuition in the fouler elements of the English Language.

Allow me to start you out with some of the more rare variants. By the way, this may be the wrong board, but if you don't like it, don't read it. It's simple, folks. Just switch off.

Alternatively join in!!! May I apologise with reference to Roger's Profanisaurus, an excellent publication devoted to the gentle art of Slang in the English Language?

So, lets start with the simpler techniques of using the word "fuck"

1. An act of copulation; a bang; a shag; a ride
2. To beat someone in fisticuffs esp. a member of the constabulary as in, "C'mon, let's fuck a copper"
3. To break beyond repair, as in "Fucking hell, you've fucked the fucking fucker"
4. To dismiss something with contempt, esp. when playing a game of soldiers

Other uses:
fuck me shoes - footwear worn by a boot
fuck stick - a short stout stick used for fucking something
fuck butter - KY Jelly

1. disagreeable person, usually prefixed with the words "big" and "fat"
2. anything at all really.... for example, "look at the size of that fucker"

Fucking the Night:
To copulate with a Yeti's Welly - for example:
"How was it for you, darling?"
"Sarah, it was like sticking my dick out the window and fucking the night"

fuckpuddle or fuckpond: the wet bit afterwards....

fuckwit: a Johnny No-Stars (eg of a McDonald's member of staff who hasn't been there very long; a simpleton; a stupid cunt; Bryan's Permed Poodle....

Next time we'll explore the more subtle uses of the word "cunt". This word began in the 14th Century as the polite term for ladies genitals.

I thank you.


"Just tryin' to have a little fun, folks..."
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Nice one,, very informative. Now is Bryan's Permed Poodle a synonym of "fuckwit" or simply an example?

My favourite expletive when addressing someone I dislike is Jackass:

Pronunciation: 'jak-"as
Function: noun
1 : DONKEY; especially : a male donkey
2 : a stupid person : FOOL

Now, it may seem a bit tame compared to the more serious curse words, but I've found through extensive experimentation that nothing feels as good and satisfying to the spirit as the pronunciation of a hardy "jackass". It almost crackles with vitality and pierces any confusion as to intent for it's target.

Some nice situational examples:

Someone should have been listening, wasn't and now wishes you to repeat yourself - repeat yourself more quickly and forcefully, then immediately follow with "Open your fuckin' ears, jackass!"

Someone makes a stupid mistake in front of you, or even better, others, perhaps co-workers - laugh loudly and exclaim "Nice, going *then more quietly, but still audibly* jackass."

The catch-all for any situation, from a disagreement with your boss to an argument with your spouse or significant other - curl your upper lip whilst gently shaking head in disbelief and disgust and say "You're a fucking jackass."

Good luck Serry. Incidentally, in the spirit of Glastnost, I'd love to know some Russian swearwords, as my cunt of a downstairs neighbour happens to be one. Thanks!

Thank you, God bless you, sweet dreams you lot of tarts, Good-bye!
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fuckwit... I like this word, it sounds so nice on Russian! Thanks, guys! :)

And this is for your pleasure: Use the left menu for choosing letter and see what Russian language can offer to the world of bad words! (Some words written on cyrillic, but most of them are on English)

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So now when you have someone to teach you that, BPP can go and fuck himslef, right? ;) And a great lesson too, man :)