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Let's talk numbers.

Queen-General Discussion

Well, some remotely Queen relaled stuff, a request but out of the 31 topics of the first page, 10 are by BPP or directed at/about/mocking BPP's posts...

Queen-Serious Discussion

Plenty Queen related stuff which is good, only one BPP related post as compared to the last board, this board is what it is supposed to be, Queen related serious discussion.

Queen-Tour 2005

Perfect, all topics related to the forum description. Nothing to say.

Queen - Sharing the Music-Announce

Five topics are off topic for the board, the board is doing okay, could be better but good for this week.

Queen - Sharing the Music - Request

Good. Everything on topic.

Fan Mixes (or whatever it's called)

Not any activity over the last few days but looking good nonetheless.


What's to say? forum

Not very good, but who cares?

Queen News

nothing hardly ever happens there. nothing to say