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i hope there are not too many writing-errors in this bit!!! KILLER QUEEN: They do have very good show, but to say or confirm that they are the best? I doubt it and wouldn't say so. They do look and sound alike pretty much, but having seen them a couple of times, i must say that my personal favorite and better band covering Queen is "MayQueen" from Cologne, Germany. They are not look-alikes, but sound-alikes. Their founder Ralph Sadler, has exactly the same equipment as Brian has. Their drummer exactly the same kit and skills as Roger. Their bassist even plays at the musical in Cologne!!! The singer Mirko Beumer a stage performance and charisma that equals Freddies...and he has been chosen "the second hottest thing "twice of germany ! All woman want him....he is awesome!!! And he sings as if it doesn't cost him any effort at all...THIS, ladies and gentleman, is a band you must experience at least once in your life!!!
I have seen them 110 times live myself in the last 13 years, ( beating my Queen-liveshows-attendances-count of 105...) and they really have the capability to win over any crowd on any location under all circumstances. They are a fulltime professional band that excists 14 years and plays an average 180-210 shows a year. That is impossible to beat. NO other Queen-coverband has acchieved that. They played 4x at the dutch Queenparty, almost every year at the German Queen-fanclubmeeting, in the biggest part of all european countries ( england, holland, germany, austria, swiss, poland, belgium, france, scandinavia, italy and so on..) and at the Queen-fanclub convention. This year they are coming to perform at the dutch meeting on 22-10. Without a shadow of a doubt, this band is the nr 1 in covering Queen in my humble opinion. You can check them out at : And if you have the chance, you must go and see them on december 8 and 22 in the Kantine in Cologne. There they will do the Barcelona songs live with a real opera diva, with violins, cello's , additional accoustic guitarists, a stunning Roger Taylor sound-alike, and much much more special extra's that no other band has ever even attempted or dared to try. From "let me live", "you don't fool me" through "march of the black queen", "the great pretender" and "innuendo" and ofcourse all the greatest hits you can think of...Brian May has seen them too, and he was completely flabbergasted...he imagined that he was listening to Queen themself while watching and hearing them...they pull off a nonstop 3 to 3,5 hours liveshow that you will never ever forget!!
Killer Queen are nice.....even good....but the best? NO WAY ! This band deserves to be mentioned on -and having a direct link too- on the queenonline and queenzone too...but being a none-british band, that is an illusion i guess?

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OH FOR GOD'S SAKE, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!