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Hi Queenzoners, chances are very low that many of you have seen the Queen Heaven lasershow but I'm gonna ask anyhow: Has anybody seen it?
It's a Lasershow which is especially concipated for Queen videos and is shown in planetariums (is this the correct plural?) in Germany. As far as i know, Brian has especially mixed (he is the musical director) the songs to fit. It lasts for somewhat over 70 minutes and was first shown in Munich, where Brian has attended its premiere. Now it came to the planetarium in Nuremberg, which is very close to where I live and I'm going to watch it tonight. What do you think about it?
here's the link

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Just like I thought, none of you have seen it :(
So let me at least share my experiences with you (in case any of you are bothering to read this thread).

I went to the planetarium with a friend of mine and we had to be there at least forty minutes before the show was supposed to begin, to pick up our tickets. We got there on time and sat down on the seats which were arranged in circles beneath the huge dome. Heaven for everyone was played in an endless loop while the audience was waiting for Queen Heaven to begin. The man who worked the machines and all the technical equipment welcomed us, asked us to turn off all cellular phones and wished us a lot of fun with the extraordinairy Queen Heaven lasershow...
I was getting really excited when the first dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum sounds of Flash were blasting through the huge sound system while the whole room was pitch black. Fog began to rise and grids of laserbeams were moving close to our heads. The Flash Gordon logo approached us from somewhere out of the darkness and whenever the Flash part was sung and the lightning crack was heard, beautiful projections of purple and blue lightnings moved across the huge domeshaped ceiling of the planetarium. From the round walls rays of laserligt were firing through the room and the music came from everywhere around us. Fabulous!
So far so good. Then it happened: The normal room lighting went on and the guy (technical operator) interupted the show. I thought damn! Is he going to say something after each song or what? This would always destroy the carefully built up mood that had just been created. The sound was turned off completely and one could see the four Queen heads from BoRhap appearing above our heads. Heaven for everyone was being played again as waiting music while the operator was desperately trying to turn off the projection of the show. Brians head (from sometime in 2001) appeared on the ceiling and you could tell that he was sort of welcoming the audience and introduced the show. You could guess because the sound of the show was turned off while Heaven for everyone silently "doodled" in the background. Finally the operator managed to also turn of the projection of Brian and we were left in a domeshaped room, with all the normal lighting on and still endlessly Heaven for everyone was played. The guy returned after a couple of minutes and told us that there were technical difficulties. By then we had figured that out too. This could be heaven...this could be heaven....
We saw that in the middle of the room a big pit had opened and the operator and the manager looked inisde and did not seem to be knowing what to do. Then they left us again and disappeared somewhere in the basement.
This could be heaven...this could be heaven...
The song started to sound somewhat ridiculous in this situation and was still played over and over and over. Finally the men came back up and told us that the big main starfield projector could not be risen all the way up. It got stuck at the last seven centimeters. I got up and asked if we could help by pushing the damn thing up the rest of its way and everybody laughed. I had not been joking though. You see I don't get the chance to go out that much at the moment because of our baby daughter and so this was supposed to be a very special evening ( apart from the fact that it was a Queen related show which is aways something special).
This could be heaven... this could be heaven... another twenty minutes passed.
Then they came back up and told us that the f***ing projector could not be fixed and that we could get our money back or pick up new tickets for another night to watch the show then. What a bummer :(
While we were leaving the room they still continued to play Heaven for everyone while you could see disappointed faces all around. That looked really strange.
Of course we picked up the new tickets to see Queen Heaven another night but the evening was definitely ruined. After the

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Shame to hear about your experience there. Hope you do get a full show next time! I was sure I'd seen or read about the show, so I did a search and also checked my bookmarks: - A mini review of the initial opening - 4 pics from the show

I'm sure I've read and seen a very in-depth page with images that were designed for the show. But I couldn't find it, unfortunately. I wish I could see this show. But, I'm pretty sure it's not going to be in the UK.


EDIT: Also found these... - A TRAILER!