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Particularly ones with audio quality around the 1978 and 1980 Chicago concerts. The audio on those were great.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this in >_>

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These are my favorites so far ...

1973-09-13 AA++ London Golders Green
1973-11-29 AA++ Bristol
1974-03-31 AA++ London Rainbow
1974-04-28 AA++ Portland
1974-11-20 AA++ The Rainbow
1975-03-07 AA++ Milwaukee
1975-04-29 AA++ Shizuoka
1975-05-01 AA++ Tokyo Budokan
1975-12-24 AA++ London
1976-03-29 AA++ Osaka (aft)
1976-03-29 AA++ Osaka (Eve)
1976-03-31 AA++ Tokyo
1976-04 Tokyo AA++ 1st and 4th combo
1977-05-30 AA++ Glasgow
1977-06-06 AA++ London Earl's Court
1977-12-01 AA++ New York MSG
1977-12-11 AA++ Houston
1978-04-13 AA++ Copenhagen
1978-04-23 AA++ Paris
1978-12-01 AA++ Montreal
1978-12-07 AA++ Chicago
1979-04-20 AA++ Osaka
1979-12-26 AA++ London Hammersmith
1980-09-19 AA++ Chicago
1980-12-08 AA++ London
1981-02-13 AA++ Tokyo
1981-02-17 AA++ Tokyo Budokan
1981-02-28 AA++ Buenos Aires
1981-03-20 AA++ Sao Paulo
1982-05-29 AA++ Leeds
1982-06-01 AA++ Edinburgh
1982-08-09 AA++ New Jersey
1982-10-26 AA++ Nagoya
1984-09-02 AA++ Birmingham
1984-09-14 AA++ Milan 1st night
1984-09-15 AA++ Milan 2nd night
1985-01-12 AA++ Rio de Janeiro
1985-04-20 AA++ Melbourne
1986-06-11 AA++ Leiden
1986-06-21 AA++ Mannheim
1986-07-09 AA++ New Castle
1986-08-09 AA++ Knebworth

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