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Hello all

I've just transcribed the questions from this UK quiz show - someone's special subject was Queen (and the guy did pretty good!).

I was going to make it a torrent, but it all seems far too complicated, so here they are, with the answers (as accepted by the show, not me) below.

All the best,


1. Queen provided the soundtrack for which 1980 film and reached the UK top ten with the resulting album?
2. Under what name was Roger Taylor credited on the first two Queen albums?
3. Which musician played additional keyboards for the band on their live appearances between 1984 and 1986?
4. Before forming Queen, Roger Taylor and Brian May had previously been members of which band with bass player Tim Staffell?
5. On which album was Freddie Mercury credited with providing ‘vocals, vocals, Bechstein Debauchery and more vocals’?
6. In 1973 and ‘74 Queen went on a UK and an American tour supporting which fellow British band?
7. ‘It’s dog eat dog in this rat race,’ is a line from which John Deacon song from News Of The World?
8. The four tracks that made up Queens First EP in 1977 were Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, Death On Two Legs, Tenement Funster and which track from Queen II?
9. Two sound engineers who went on to produce Queen’s debut album were present when the band made a demo tape at De Lane Lea studios. One was Roy Thomas Baker; who was the other?
10. In 1965 Brian went to Imperial College London to study which subjects?
11. Shortly before the release of the first Queen album, Freddie Mercury released a single under the name of Larry Lurex that was a cover of which Beach Boys song?
12. What was the name of the band that Roger Taylor formed in 1987 with Peter Noone, Clayton Moss, Spike Edney and Josh Macrae?
13. Who provided backing vocals on the track Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy on A Day At The Races - the first time that anyone other than the four band members had sung on a Queen track?
14. What was the follow-up single to Bohemian Rhapsody that was also on the A Night At The Opera album?
15. The band used a synthesizer for the first time on the chart-topping album The Game. What type of synthesizer?
16. Which song on Sheer Heart Attack was the first song to appear on a Queen album that had the composition credited to all four members of the band?
17. Freddie had only played keyboard instruments on record until he played rhythm guitar on which of his own compositions?

1. Flash Gordon
2. Roger Meddows-Taylor
3. Spike Edney
4. Smile
5. A Night At The Opera
6. Mott The Hoople
7. Who Needs You
8. White Queen
9. John Anthony
10. Physics, Astrophysics (‘and astronomy’ added by quizmaster)
11. I Can Hear Music
12. The Cross
13. Mike Stone
14. You’re My Best Friend
15. Oberheim
16. Stone Cold Crazy
17. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Damn, didn't know two answers, lol

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