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For long time fans of the band, you probably are aware that Queen were never critical darlings. Led Zeppelin clones, over the top production hiding bad songs, you name it, critics nailed them with it. However, us fans knew that Queen were something special. They were creating art in a world of mostly throwaway shit. That's why the whole lack of effort over the 30th anniversary ANATO package is so infuriating.

Apparently there's a special on Swedish TV with Swedish artists debating the significance of bohemian Rhapsody and ANATO. And there's also a BBC special about Bohemian Rhapsody with musical scholars and popular musicians discussing and dissecting the song. Other people recognize the importance of this album, yet QP doesn't. If you a have a song that is widely regarded as the song of the century, from an album that the band's living spokesman refers to as "our Sgt. Peppers", why would you do nothing extravagant to promote the anniversary? I realize that QP have done everything half of half assed since Freddie's death, but was Freddie really that much of the driving force behind everything good about Queen? It's been discussed on end, but surely for a band that people value musically about the same as the Bay City Rollers, they could have pulled out all the stops and done a package equal to Springsteen, floyd and Elton John's 30th anniversary efforts. I'm saddened, astounded and pissed.

You know, good times are now.